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Kale questions - Help

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Posted by [...] on 4 months ago


I've just started and I love it. I have a question about Kale. What is the best form to buy? Are they all the same? I tried the bunch, but it was a pain to juice. I'm using a bag of Kale greens. Also, they don't produce much juice for all the product you put in. Thanks.

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  • Yeager

    4 months ago

    Dinosaur Kale. That said, the greens don't produce much juice, but that juice the best nutritionally speaking. That is why I use a masticating juicer. I get a LOT more out of that than I did with a centrifugal juicer. There are tricks to making a centrifugal juicer work with the greens, but why? Anyway, Dinosaur kale is the best I have found.



  • Zootal

    4 months ago

    Bagged kale tends to be more leaf and less stem. Sadly, hard flat leafs like kale don't juice well in centrifigul juicers, and tend to fly into the waste bin without producing much juice. Whole leaves work better, but most of the juice comes from the stems, not the leaf. Because of this, I rarely juice kale, it's just a waste of money.

    If you can get your hands on a good masticating juicer, then you can juice kale efficiently.

    An alternative to kale is collards. Collards are flat leafed also but have much more thickend portions to the leaves, and I seem to get quite a bit more juice from them than I do the equivalent amount of kale.

  • [...]

    4 months ago

    Wow! Thanks folks. I have a Breville BJE200XL as Joe recommended. I guess it's centrifugal. I just bought it and it works fine. I'll try to collards. I hope they are as nutrinal as the Kale Joe suggests.

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  • Mellow N Calm

    1 month ago

    I love all the kales they give the juice a full feeling. They allow you to go longer without eating. BUT when you feel that you need to be drinking water and coconut water. That is the secret

    You really can put any green in your juice. Remember 80% veggies and 20% fruit

    Good luck

  • Kelly

    3 weeks ago

    i just bought the breville juice fountain max today and was disappointed with my result of juicing baby spinach. The other stuff was fab though. Next time i will use my nutibullet sml amt water and spinch to grind up first then pour in

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