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Kale and spinach juicing

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Posted by WattReboot on 3 years ago

a quick question about juicing kale and spinach...

Does everyone get a really low yield of juice from these two greens? I swear 99% of it end up in the pulp container. To test my theory I juiced a whole bunch of kale first this morning and I only got about 90ml of juice from it, approx 15 leaves.

This makes using kale a very expensive ingredient as they are $4 to $6 AUD for me to buy

Just interested in what others get from their bunches

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  • Zootal

    3 years ago

    This is very normal if you are using a centrifugal juicer, which most of us do. You put a whole bunch of kale or spinach in and you get next to nothing out. If you use bagged kale it is even worse.

    I got so tired of this that I stopped using kale completely. Can't afford to flush a couple buck of kale down the drain every day while getting so little from it. I find lettuce or cabbage to be more cost effective, and sometimes I just use apple-carrot-cucumber only for my juice.

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