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Posted by Zutphen on 1 year ago

I wanted to join in the Just-Juice Challenge July 20-22. But I am a conscientious objector toFaceBook. I refuse to become a member. But it looks as though unless I sign in or join FB I am prevented from watching the related videos or taking a visible part in this challenge. Of course, I'll just do it on my own but I just question why this site has linked itself to that one.

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  • Soose

    1 year ago

    Hi, Zutphen. I don't "do facebook" either. (I'm not the only one here who doesn't.)

    But I am here on the site and so are some other good juicers. No reason some juicers and rebooters here can't do the 3 day challenge. And celebrate the release of the movie. I'm grateful to that movie among others -- I still recommend it to people. I was surprised when I went to give the facebook link to a newbie here that I was able to watch the current little video with "Kristen," even though it's on a facebook page. It was at the top, maybe that is why.

    Come join us over on the active juicing reboot groups if you want. We have some good ones! I expect some peeps will be doing that 3 day challenge. (Use "post to group wall" not "send msg to group.")

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