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Juicing while sick with bronchitis

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Posted by bertha666 on 5 years ago We are having a debate in our household as we all have had this bronchitis bug that is going around. Everyone has had it for 3+ weeks and I thought I was safe becasue I juice most of the day but four days ago I woke up with the horrible dreaded cough and congestion. So my husband thinks I should "eat" more. More protien more meals and still juice...and I have tried but I feel stuffed and want to know what you think about this debate? I am still sick and have decided to juice each meal but just add protien such as eggs or beef since I am allergic to fish to my jucing. I have lost 44 pounds in 16 weeks and I have already put on three pounds and am very nervous about this weight gain. I have 70 more pounds to go and I refuse to gain it back. Help me please with ideas?? Thanks in advance!

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  • Stacy Kennedy

    5 years ago
    Hi bertha666 - please take good care of your self and including juice while you are not feeling well might help. Be sure to hydrate well, rest and try making some juice pulp veggie broth If you need some extra protein that is OK and weight will fluctuate up and down so try to hold out and only weigh once a week especially right now. Great job so far on your reboot and we are here to help you continue forward!

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