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Posted by [...] on 6 years ago I just started the 3 day reboot and will do my final day 3 tomorrow... my question is how do i keep my protein intake high enough to gain muscle. I have been on and off fitness and bodybuilding and currently on a skinny/fat look and i Hate it. So I want to incorporate the reboot & my workout diet? My diet before the reboot was mainly: Lean whey protein shakes/meats/chicken breats/fish,lots of steamed veggies/sweet potatoes/brown rice... lots of teas green tea and herbal/water with lemon -5 meals a day eat out very very few times.. at least one cheat meal a week.... Please advise thank you!

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  • Claire Georgiou - ND

    6 years ago
    Hi grydur, The reboot program is all about resetting your health and your natural cravings and nutrition. Consuming plenty of fruits and vegetables everyday is vitally important for good health. You can continue to consume your previous diet with the inclusion of juices, lots of raw foods and reboot dishes to complement your diet. Here are a few posts that may also find interesting
  • kyle.gendron

    6 years ago
    one bodybuilders story about being a vegan... there are many others. Do a google search for vegan/vegetarian diet for bodybuilders.

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