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Juicing to Heal Inflammation

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Posted by SoundHealer on 2 years ago

Hello everyone! I am here to heal the inflammation in my body. I am taking a multi-pronged approach to this, including a clean diet, spiritual healing, and working with emotions that I believe are quite linked to my inflammation (think in-flame-action, caused by those fiery emotions). My focus here is to deal with the diet and lifestyle aspects to my healing journey. I am in need of support, which is why I am inviting others with inflammatory conditions (such as arthritis, fibromyalgia, allergies, eczema, leaky gut syndrome, etc.) to join me in using fresh juice and a plant-based diet to thoroughly heal our bodies.

A bit about me: I apparently have been dealing with inflammation for quite a long time. I have had allergies and asthma since I was a kid, and while they are a little less severe now, I have not been one of those lucky ones who grew out of it. I am currently dealing with pain and inflammation in my hands that have put me on medical leave from my work. This sucks because I love what I do now, and I am going into a new field that I also love, which also requires the use of my hands. Here's the kicker - I am in recovery from an eating disorder that I have had since pre-adolescence (and I am now at a healthy weight and don't need to change it one bit), which was over 20 years ago. So while I would love to experience the fast and amazing changes that those of you who do extended juice fasts experience, it is not indicated for me. It would be dangerous! So at this point, my goal is to drink up to two juices a day, with the rest of my food being healthy and very plant-based.

I did a research paper during this last term on Joe Cross's juice fast and why it worked as an alternative healing method. I walked into my research as a fence-sitter, not knowing how I felt about this whole juice craze thing and if it was good for you or not. By the end of my paper, I had loaded up on the science of why juicing works and saw clear evidence supporting it. I also saw that it is not right for everyone, including people like me with an eating disorder. Even though I am not going on a full reboot, I can still reap the benefits of juicing!

I bought a used Breville juicer on Craigslist (for $25!!) and have only been drinking juice for 3 days, with today being day 4. I have had a mean green juice daily so far, which is not that tasty, but is at least a good way to get vegetables like celery and cucumber in my diet. I don't like those two veggies at all, so juicing and pairing it with apples, citrus and ginger makes them a little more palatable. I like to think that after juicing for a while, I will see some positive results and be able to return to work with little or no pain. This is my goal - it is not to lose weight, but to heal my inflammation. I must keep repeating that to myself so that my eating disorder doesn't grab ahold of my juicer and run away with it.

So tell me, friends, what are your favorite juices and ingredients for healing inflammation?

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  • SoundHealer

    2 years ago

    Yesterday I did my two juices: one red in the morning (beets, half a small head of red cabbage, two carrots and a small apple) and a commercial, cold-pressed green juice in the afternoon, which was disgusting and I had to slam. The rest of my meals were totally plant-based. The only thing I had that was processed was a little bag of these snap pea snack thingies that are meant as a healthier alternative to chips.

    I had a half a cup of coffee. I realize that coffee and my body are not always the best of friends. Three years ago when my eczema was raging, I found that it got worse within 30 minutes of starting to sip coffee. These days, coffee rarely makes my skin flare up. Last year, I saw that if I had a bad headache, especially one that started at the back of the head and went into the jaw and temples, and then I had a cup of coffee on top of that, it would flare into a migraine. I think dehydration, hormones, and detoxing off of sugar also played a big part in those awful headaches. On a daily basis, however, a cup of coffee seems to do me no harm. During the school year (I am a student), I pretty much rely on coffee to keep me going and get my homework done. But right now, it is summer, sunny, and I don't have school, so the more I can get off of coffee, the better.

    This morning I have had three cups of tea, one black and two herbal. Black tea seems to be much gentler on my system than coffee, even if I drink the same caffeine equivalent. So just for today, I haven't had any coffee yet. I am starting out my day with chocolate chia pudding (a cup of unsweetened vanilla almond milk, 1/4 cup chia seeds, and chocolate Vega protein powder) topped with a banana and lots of cinnamon. One of my herbal teas had plenty of turmeric and ginger in it.

    Here's to eating/drinking an anti-inflammatory meal plan as much as possible today and getting 1-2 juices in there. Cheers, folks.

  • SoundHealer

    2 years ago

    Over the weekend, while out with my fiance and her work peeps, I had a basket of tater tots and some diet soda. It was one of the only vegan things on the menu. Maybe an hour later, I started getting a headache that felt like it could go into a migraine. I took two Excedrin Migraine and not much later started feeling nauseous. That was Saturday. Here we are on Tuesday, and I still don't feel balanced out. I got back on the bandwagon this morning with a tall sunrise juice from a reboot plan I downloaded. I had a mousse for lunch made from pureed avocado, spinach, lots of berries and 1/2 scoop pea protein powder. Now I am drinking a mean green and I have had about 40 oz. water with chia seeds in it. I know I will eat a plant-based dinner if I make it. Still feeling headachy and fatigued, but I can stir-fry some vegetables and make rice and shrimp for my Boo. I watched both Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead I & II to re-motivate me to juice and eat as many fruits & veg as I can.

    I wish I could do an all-juice Reboot, or a mostly juicing and some eating Reboot. I want to be a success story of health and ridding my body of inflammatory conditions. I wish, I wish, I wish. My recovery from the e.d. could be put at risk if I did, especially without professional guidance. I wonder if the Reboot nutritionists would be willing to do a guided reboot with me knowing my history.

  • Sophie

    2 years ago

    Hello SoundHealer! I am also working to eliminate as much inflammation as possible. I have my juicing/healing story on my profile page, and post links to great information in 60 Days! Commit & Persevere!, as do others, on a regular basis. I encourage you to scroll back through our posts, so much good information there.

    Also, you might want to look into Dave Asprey's Bulletproof Coffee beans, as he developed a process for producing clean coffee and tests for molds and mycotoxins which are what many of us react to with commercial coffee. I will never drink any other coffee again, it's just not worth the game of roulette that involves for me.

    I hope you will check out The Elimination Diet by Tom Malterre, as I firmly believe that holds the key to discovering the foods that trigger my and your inflammation (though our triggers may be very different!). Tom also has a website and talks on YouTube.

    I copied a paper by Dr. Thomas O'Bryan to my profile page on “The conundrum of gluten sensitivity, why the tests are often wrong.” - I encourage you to read it, and check out interviews and talks Dr. O'Bryan has on YouTube. Powerful stuff! Even if you think you are not sensitive to gluten, I hope you will read it.

    I would love to read your research paper on juicing and why it works as an alternative healing method!

    eta I linked to an outstanding presentation by Marc Weill here. It is really a must see talk! He has a website with more info, vids on YouTube for pain relief techniques.

  • SoundHealer

    2 years ago

    Awesome! Thank you so much, Sophie!

  • SachaHicks25!

    2 years ago

    My experience with coffee has been that if I start drinking coffee and then stop I will go through caffeine withdrawals. The withdrawals include migraines lack of concentration and the overall of not feeling well. If you are trying to heal your body from inflammation. Foods that are orange and yellow are anti inflammatory. carrots pineapple lemon orange bell pepper oranges clementines and many more!!! Blending a banana into my juices has also helped me with inflammation and cravings.

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