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Juicing to gain weight.

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Posted by Ellen on 1 year ago

Hello, I'm very underweight, I dont get hungry(due to an aneurysm and stroke I dont have the hunger sensation) How should I begin, I have very little muscle mass and virtually no fat stores but I need to gain and get strong. But I need to do it gently, without raising blood pressure and pulse rate too much. I have no interest in eating so I'm thinking this is a great want to get some nutrition into my body. Your thoughts on how to begin?

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  • Zootal

    1 year ago

    You really should consult with your doctor or at least a nutritionist. Juice tends to be a low calorie drink. If you want to put on weight, you need more than juice. It's a good source of nutrition, but if you replace food with juice, you run the risk of not getting enough calories to maintain your weight. When that happens, the body starts to metabolize fat. If you run out of fat to metabolize, the body will metabolize your muscles and organs, and eventually you will die.

    Juice is a good source of nutrition, but not a good source of calories. If I were you, I would add maybe a quart of juice a day to my diet, and eat enough food so I get at least enough calories to maintain my weight. I would also add a protein supplement to my juice and a pinch of salt, you probably really need the protein as well. And take a multi vitamin, because juice has a lot of vitamins but is deficient in a few.

    Adding juice to your diet is a great idea, but be sure to talk to a doctor or nutritionist first.

  • sarah

    1 year ago

    Hey Ellen,
    I think its a great Idea when you start juicing. You say you miss appetit - hunger. So i guess its hard for you to eat enough food during the day... I agree with zootal, you need more then juice. Maybe you can start with smoothies, so you have nutrition by vegetable & fruits and you can combinate with nuts/oils and proteins. Proteins are very important for you. Good luck for you, i hope you will find some help

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