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Juicing on a busy schedule.

Free for All

Posted by Sara&Sonia2015 on 4 years ago

Hey folks!

So I work 4 days a week and was wondering what the best approach is to starting this juicing thing. I am wondering for example:

1. Is it OK to make the juices the evening before, instead of the morning of? In the morning we usually do not have much time to do this?

2. How long can these juices keep?

3. What do you about the cravings for food that may come up?

Just curious. Thanks!

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Replies To Juicing on a busy schedule.

  • Maren

    4 years ago

    Juices will keep in the fridge for up to 72 hours, longer than that and you will need to freeze them. Be sure to use glass jars if you do freeze, some of the plastic ones can be harmful and your juice could oxidize effectively losing its nutrients. I am starting a reboot on the 17th and plan to prepare the juice for my work week ahead of time and freeze it all, defrosting the day before I need it.

    Food cravings can be tough, but if you drink the amount suggested on the plans then you will not be hungry so much as desiring to chew something.

    Good luck on your reboot and juice on!

  • WattReboot

    10 months ago

    when the desire to chew is too overwhelming i do.... i will literally chew something like a a bit of meat or some chocolate till its just mush in my mouth and then spit it out.... that way you get that flavour hit and your head thinks you are eating but nothing gets to the belly!

  • VeganHerbalist

    4 years ago

    I typically make a mega batch which lasts 2 days, maybe a bit longer. If you have a craving then try a piece of fruit. Yesterday I had cravings and was feeling like i was starving so I ate 3 mandarins. You can also freeze the juice in popsicle makers and use those for cravings!

  • EllaHoll

    11 months ago

    I freeze my juices on weekends and drink them for a week.

  • LolaC

    11 months ago

    I get up early and make myself juices every morning. I think that if you freeze juices, they will lose useful substances and vitamins.

  • KateMoss

    11 months ago

    I also freeze the juice for the whole week. It is very convenient and time is saved.

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