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Posted by wcohenrph on 6 years ago Good Evening, My husband and I are beginning a 10 fast next Sunday. We both have busy work schedules and are unable to take time off. Am I able to juice in the morning for our lunches? We are unable to juice at work. Thank you very much, Nichole

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  • april.ann

    6 years ago
    I'm new to this so you may prefer to take another person's advice... But I would say, yes, it is okay. I started a 10 day juice fast on Friday, 2/8/13 and am on day 4 now. Yesterday, I decided that instead of juicing 3 times a day and washing my juicer 3 times, I would juice everything once or twice a day and store the rest in the fridge. The juice contents will settle so just shake it up before you drink it. If I could give you another piece of advice it would be to start on a day that allows you to be home for a day or two, days 1-3 are the hardest. Days 2 & 3 were the hardest for me. Day 1 I was so excited that I wasn't as tempted. Day 3, I nearly cried. I'm feeling great about it today though. And I notice that I'm getting less hungry with each passing day... I just have the desire to put something in my mouth and chew it. I've lost 8 lbs in 3 days and I definitely have more energy so I'd say it's worth sticking it out! Best of luck to you!
  • esjayeff

    6 years ago
    That is spot on April. I mean, sure a juice is best drunk immediately after being made, but the reslity of that is impractical while fasting. You really do need to plan ahead. The key is storing the juice really well. To do this you must fill up your containers right to the top. If you don;t have quite enough juice to do that, top it up with a bit of water. Also, use single serve size containers, because if you poor some out and leave some in, then the remaining juice is going to oxidate quite quickly (due to contact with air). By having them filled to the very top of the container you slow down oxidation. I usually make 2 days worth of juice in advance. This also helps with limited space in the fridge. And yes, definitely, if you can start on a weekend, that would be best. In fact, if I were you, I'd start Friday evening so as to try and get through the worst of the detox before being back at work on Monday morning. Also, consider both starting on different days, so one of you can pick up the slack while the other is feeling worse for wear. You made me laugh about your first few days April. I nearly cried on day 1 hahaha. This is the blog post I wrote for the first week of my first fast: http://planetsarah.com/2012/05/16/reviewing-week-1/ You might find this page helpful: http://thejuiceplanet.com/storing-and-transporting-fresh-juice.html
  • Shannon_G

    6 years ago
    I've been juicing (breakfast & dinner) since January 17th and also transitioned to a completely vegan diet January 1st. I've lost 17 pounds and feel great! However, my loss keeps plateauing and I find it annoying! I'm going to give a full juice fast a try and am so happy I found this very recent post & replies. I've read so much about not making juice in advance - but I just can't skip home 2 or 3 times a day to make juice! I'm going to make 2 or 3 batches tomorrow morning so that I can have enough for breakfast, hungry-morning time and lunch/afternoon. Thank you for your replies - very useful!
  • gogreenstaylean

    6 years ago
    I 100% support juicing in advance. Preparation is the key to success in this diet. I also wrote a blog post about juicing for a busy lifestyle: http://www.gogreenstaylean.com/2013/02/16/day-47-juicing-tips-for-a-busy-lifestyle/ Happy juicing! __________________________________________________________________________________ Follow my juice fast blog at: http://www.gogreenstaylean.com
  • danleasure

    6 years ago
    I usually take a half an hour each night and juice two or three mason jars of mean green for the next day to take to work. I used to get up a half an hour earlier each morning to juice to keep it as fresh as possible but now I do it the night before and I haven't noticed any difference. On days off I drink it immediately and maybe it's just me but it does have a bigger effect on my energy when it's extra fresh.
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