juicing for driver. help!!!


Posted by tevancic on 6 years ago I am a driver and so I will have to take my pre juiced drinks with me. My question is what do I bring them in, I heard that they lose there nutrients after juicing if you do not drink them right away. Will a glass Ziploc container work for keeping the nutrients in the juice??? I work a 6am - 4pm shift Monday-Friday so I am worried how well it will work for me. Any advised will help :D thanks.

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  • Luv1another

    6 years ago
    Joe suggests storing in mason jars...if you can try and use glass as you don't end up with BPA's in your juice...juice lasts 24-36 hours as long as its kept cool and in glass airtight containers. if you have a slow juicer it can last up to 72 hours. some people I have seen on here use stainless steel containers. I would use a cooler/esky with some ice or cooler bags and a jar with a tight fitting lid or a few jars of the right size for each meal.

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