Reboot Newbies


Reboot Newbies

Posted by diinman on 4 years ago

I have been juicing and losing weight, but wanted to know if you add fruit to all your juices for the day. I am wondering if I am adding too much fruit to my diet, or does it matter?

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  • Heather

    4 years ago

    I don't really have an answer as I'm just starting. But I have a very slight aversion to veggies. My hubby has been doing smoothies for years but they always tasted so 'earthy' to me. So, I've given myself permission to have 'mostly' fruit juices for the first few days. I am added about 3 handfuls of spinach and will add some kale tomorrow. I want to be successful and know that if I started off with a kale/spinach/beet juice, I'd give up. Best of luck.

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