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Juicer vs Ninja

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Posted by mcookie on 6 years ago I have recently watched Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead. I am 20 lbs over weight and would like to start juicing. I own the Ninja and would like to know if I can use this to make my juice. I really don't have the money to buy a Juicer if it isn't and absolute necessity.

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  • ejenks

    6 years ago
    hi Mcookie, i just bought a juicer today from walmart...i same as you cant afford a breville like on the show and since im totally new to this i dont know if ill have the will power and didnt want to invest in "top shelf". anyway i was looking at the ninja too for $79 and did some research and it seems "juicers" are the way to go but you can use a processor like the ninja but you will have to strain the finished product if you just want juice. a bit of a pain but can be done. oh and the juicer i got was the Hamilton Beach Big Mouth Juicer for $59. and it works GREAT Long winded but i hope it helps, and good luck!
  • marthajames

    6 years ago
    Hello Mcookie. You choose the right way to lose your weight .The juice is really helpful for that.It's affordable,tasty and healthy too.I think juice is best as compared to Ninja.
  • bryna123

    6 years ago
    I have a Ninja and a juicer. Love them both, but if it is juicing or smoothies you want the Ninja falls short. It is great fro crushing ice and making salsas but it doesn't liquify enough for juice. Try a Nutri bullet maybe for a cheaper option. A friend has one and loves it.
  • BOO 2014

    6 years ago
    Can you use a Nutribullet? I know you use less veggies and you get more fiber .
  • msdesertflower

    6 years ago
    i have a ninja, and it will work just fine. It may not be complete juce, but is close, and im losing the weight.:)
  • DavidFB

    6 years ago
    Here, they recommend Juicers. Juicers release more of the nutrition and leave out the pulp. Blenders like the Nutribullet make smoothies. Straining a smoothie to get juice will get you juice but take away some of the nutrition. So I wouldn't strain. Smoothies will work for weight loss but it will also change the taste, especially for things like kale in the Mean Green recipe Joe favours. Some report slower weight loss using smoothies. But it would also depend partly on how you adapt to it. For example, too high a fruit content will slow it down. Others also suggest checking CraigsList for used juicers. But if its what you can afford, give it a shot. Better to try.
  • Rob Wild

    3 years ago

    I own the Nutri Ninja as well...I buy organic fruits & veggies, cut them into cubes, freeze them in separate freezer bags & put a little of each in the Ninja single serve cup. Today I used banana, tangerine, apple, pineapple, celery, cucumber, a green spring mix of leafy veggies, & a 1/2 in. of ginger & tumeric. I use a little bit of 100% juice to help with blending. I like the Ninja, because it retains the pulp & fiber. I also cut out alcohol, & eat a fully raw diet. I started last week on 1/7/16 & as of today 1/11, I lost 15 lbs!!!

  • Dragonfly

    1 year ago

    Can I use a vacuum blender for juicing? I use this for smoothies. I add whole fruit and vegetables with a 1/4 cup of distilled or spring water. The blender removes oxygen from the ingredient container, pulses then blends the ingredients to a very smooth consistency. Very easy to use and although similar to the juicer, it optimizes nutrient content through utilization of all fruit and vegetable parts.

  • rose_mary

    9 months ago

    I believe you can, technically. Another point is that juice is usually made by squeezing the liquid extract from fruits, much of the skin and sometimes pulp can be removed. While blending destroys the structure of fruits and turns it into fruit juice + fiber. So you'll get more calories in process and your juice will have a very different texture.
    I'm not a professional dietologist, so you'd better check Joe's article on this topic:

    That's why I have both juicer and blender for separate tasks. Juicer from Breville is for fruits, and blender from Vitamix for green smoothies.

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