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Juice Fast with a physical job??

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Posted by Ani N on 1 year ago

I work as a housekeeper in a hotel. The job is very physically demanding. I walk upwards of 14km a day at work, according to my fitbit.

I've tried this juice reboot before but gave up after a week because I was feeling awful at work, mostly weak, shaky, emotional and dizzy. I was getting slower and slower too and having to work extra to make up for it.

What can I do this time around to avoid this?

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  • PDXer

    1 year ago

    I have a few pieces of advice. First, when I reboot, day 1 is OK, days 2 and 3 are miserable, day 4 is OK again, and by day 5 I'm doing much better. Beyond day 5, my energy returns and I do pretty well. So, my advice is to plan your start date so you hit days 2 and 3 on a weekend or when you have two consecutive days off work. And then stick with it, because it does get better. Second, make sure you drink all of the juices--don't skip if you're not feeling "hungry" for one. It's really important to keep the juice flowing and I've had a couple of reboots that I've failed because I stretched my time between juices too much, which drained my energy and my willpower, and made it easy to stop. Third is to drink a lot of water and make sure you're drinking the coconut water too.

    The last thing I'll say is that the only way to get through a reboot, is to get through the reboot. There are no shortcuts, there will be times you want to quit, but the results only come through gritting it out and going through it.

  • RM

    1 year ago

    Excellent advice. 100% agree. I am going to print your post off and post it in my kitchen. Thanks.

  • geeksquadsupportt

    3 months ago
  • Elixdanil

    8 months ago

    I've aim this sap reboot former than other than give up subsequent to per week since I be converted into sentiment out of this world at service in the main disposed unsteady upsetting and light in the head I bowed into in receipt of slower and slower too and have to vocation further to formulate up for it. Top pakistani onyx

  • dee9000

    8 months ago

    Im a returning juicer, fell off the wagon and need to do it again and stick to a healthy lifestyle. You can also try the Hybrid style jucing, it actually worked for me and i lost quite a bit, basically i juice all day but each once. thats it, it's up to you when you decide to have your one meal and be careful to make sure the meal is healthy. I lost a fair amount in 2 weeks and it was visible. First 3 days are hell, but after that it's manageable.

  • Quest4Health

    3 months ago

    Definitely drink at least 2 cups of coconut water a day to get in your electrolytes--I really think this is key! You might also add in plant based protein powder, like the one Joe sells, and add in a B Complex as well. I hope you can start another fast and that it goes well for you!

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