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Is juicing a diuretic?

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Posted by Juiceologist on 4 years ago

Because I seem to be peeing more than I'm taking in.

Obviously on a strict liquid diet I expect to be going more than usual. I'm just concerned that I might be dehydrating myself.

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  • Danmcn61

    4 years ago

    The only diuretic I can think of is asparagus. You are urinating more often now because you are taking in a lot more fluid than you are accustomed to.

  • Juiceologist

    4 years ago

    I guess it just feels like more is going out than going in. That combined with the rapid dropping of pounds had me wondering if it was possibly due to losing water and dehydrating myself.

  • Dorthe

    4 years ago

    When you burn calories a byproduct is water. Especially in the beginning you loose a lot of water because your body will burn the glycogen it has stored for emergencies (to the body loosing weight is an emergency state). I think Joe had a little story about the caveman in his first movie, explaning it. Then when you start burning fat, the water loss will be smaller than in the beginning.

    So it is right when you feel you pee out more than you take in :) And that is also why it is so important to drink water besides the juice. The rule is at least 2 litre of water/herbal tea.

  • Juiceologist

    4 years ago

    Thanks for the info :)

  • Fritz

    4 years ago

    drink nothing but juice and water (lots of water) and you will piss like a garden hose!!

    sorry for being so blunt, but that's how it is and it works!!

    you drink lots, you pee lots!!

    with not much solid food, you wont go for a number two very often.

    all your nutrients are in the juice and absorbed rapidly.

  • Claire Georgiou - ND

    4 years ago

    Dear Juiceologist

    Yes this is normal. The reduction in calories allows your sugar stores in your tissues to be utilised and burned and with this comes water loss as sugar attracts water, this is where the term water weight loss comes from and it is a very normal process.

    Also when someone goes from processed foods or higher salt intake to high potassium juices there will also be fluid retention water reduction in the tissues. So yes you are losing water weight which is perfectly normal.

    Drink plenty of water, broth, coconut water and herbal teas on top of your juices!

    Here is more on water weight -

    Please let me know if you have any further questions!

  • Juiceologist

    4 years ago

    Thanks Claire.

    What comes out is clear and odourless which I assume means that I'm not dehydrated so I guess it's all good,

    This is likely far more information about my urine that any of you wanted to know.

    Sorry :|

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