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Is it cheating if...

Reboot Newbies

Posted by Juiceologist on 4 years ago

I put food in my mouth, chew it up and then spit it out?

As much as I wish I could say that I'm totally kidding the embarrassing truth is that I'm 51% serious about this question.

I miss tasting food :(

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Replies To Is it cheating if...

  • Ladykiki

    4 years ago

    I totally know where you are coming from! I am on day 6 and DYING for real food. Everyone says oh you're on day 6, you've got it down now . . . uh, no. Yes I am feeling the benefits blah blah blah BUT I still can't find a damn juice I like that includes all the good veggies. That makes it hard. Is it the chewing you miss or the actual food . . . lol seriously sounds like a dumb question 'cause of course we miss the food . . . that's why we are doing this!

  • Juiceologist

    4 years ago

    My 1 year old had spaghetti sauce all over her face last night at dinner and I was very tempted to give her a great big kiss..just for the taste :(

    And because I love her of course :)

  • _rachiebaby

    4 years ago


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