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Posted by RRS24 on 10 months ago

Hi I’m Robin from Canada

I’ve seen both of Joe’s movies and began juicing in earnest in the last 3 or 4 months. I’m scared to even type this but I’ve decided to take the plunge. I’m a wife, a mom of three, a lawyer and a Stage IV cancer patient. I’m 49 and this is my second go-around with triple negative breast cancer. I got into the van, after getting the news and said to my husband - that’s it. I’m done. No processed food, a predominantly seed-based diet, amd I’m juicing. I’m asymtomatic which is the weird part. It was found as a fluke. Now I’m doing chemo amd working to keep my liver functioning,(lots of green leafy vegetables and green juice) so I can keep doing the treatment and get this disease under control.

Cancer is only one facet of my life, I’m busy with my kids, love to cook, read, work out, and spend time with my husband. Since juicing started - I’ve lost probably 20lbs. I’m a lean, mean fighting machine. But I have to be. We are eating the healthiest we’ve ever had.

I just watched Joe’s second movie and reqalized I don’t really have a “community” so that is why I’m writing in.

I do not “look like my cancer”as my doctor says because I’m strong, healthy and she figures I can live with this as a chronic disease going from treatment to treatment as advances are made. I’m not sure I like that idea but it’s better than not living at all..I have to be here for my kid and my husband. They are only 14, 11 and 11- yes twins! So my focus is on being the healthiest Stage IV cancer patient they’ve seen.

That is me. I’m not sure how this works but I’m willing to hear people out, be supportive and share.

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  • Soose

    10 months ago

    Welcome, RRS24 Robin! Thanks for sharing some of your story with us. So glad you've been juicing! Looking forward to your participation here. :)

    Are you juice fasting or eating plant based or what right now?

    [ Just thinking which groups you might join. There are the standard ones I've been passing on -- Juicing Challenge for Beginners, Sunshine Clubbe, Happy Juicing, Leslie's Juicing and Feasting (if you're eating or going back and forth), and a Plant-based eating after reboot. There's also a Canada group that has shown just a bit of activity lately. A 100lb loser's group, sporadic. I'll append a photo of some group names... best to find some groups, as people won't see you over here in Free for All section. (I posted there first, too, when I came in.) You don't have to be in sync with anyone on any of these groups. Just a note, use the "Post on Group Wall" method, not "send message to group" which also emails all the inactive members.]

    There's a "Plantfit Summit" of webinars going on right now, not associated with this site, and some famous plant-based speakers. I've been listening to one showing this couple -- the guy had stage 4 kidney cancer, had already been juicing a bit I think, or his wife was for a couple of years; had one kidney removed; great recovery story and of how he made it thru and it's now 5 yrs later!

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