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Posted by Kelly M on 6 months ago

Hi All,

I'm a first-time juicer. I decided to just go for it and do a 100-day juice fast. I have a number of medical conditions I'd like to resolve like joint pain, inflammation, snoring, allergies, high cholesterol as well as weight loss.

I decided to vlog my progress so I could have a record of where I've been and what it was like along the way. It also helps with accountability and support. Also important, is the feeling of paying forward everything that was so freely given to me by people like Joe Cross and Juicing Momma (on FB and YouTube and Instagram) and others. So, if you'd like to follow along my YouTube Chanel is RunningForLife:

I just started day 18. I'm down 12.8 pounds. I have about 35 more pounds I'd like to lose. I also have a lot of healing left to do. Additionally, I'm using the time and my vlog to work on my relationship with food before I transition back.

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  • Julee

    6 months ago

    That is great progress! I am on D3 of 28D reboot. I managed to jog a 5k today and survived. I have 45 pounds to lose. Looking forward to this journey. Happy Juicing!

  • Sonia

    5 months ago

    Hey Kelly!

    I've just joined the group today and was poking around the site and saw your fabulous post. Kudos to you for jumping in, and what sounds like "all in" for the 100 day long haul.

    I've joined the group more because I love learning more and more about all things health related (as opposed to things that are "disease management" related) in collaboration with tweaking nourishment and nutrients. As such, the Reboot with Joe definitely fits the bill. Thank goodness, at 49 years of age, I am not seeing any major health issues and my plan is to keep it that way, so I pursue avenues to do this while playing with the vast array of ways that can be accomplished.

    From the sounds of it, your issues of concern should be able to melt away (pounds and pains and other inconveniences, like your inflammation) with relative ease with this nutrient packed practice! I agree with you that if your snoring may partially be because of narrow passageways, reducing your inflammation (which may be systemic, but you are only seeing it in your throat because of the additional issue of them being narrow, though arthritic sensations in joints could also be due to chronic inflammation) will resolve this for you. As long as you don't have any food sensitivities to the ingredients you are using to juice, I hope you see magnificent results. If some of these issues persist, perhaps you could play with eliminating an ingredient for 3-5 days at a shot and see if your body doesn't give you some feedback on that change. Our bio-computers (bodies) are great at generating feedback...we should be just as adept at understanding that feedback! :P

    I look forward to hearing more about your journey to the weight and wellness you are aiming to achieve! Best of luck and determination on your path!

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