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Free for All

Posted by Suzan on 1 year ago

Hi - I just started a reboot (unguided) in order to lose weight (80 lbs) and regain fitness, health, and a sense of wellness.

I'm 41, with 4 children (23, 8, 6, 4) - and work part time. I used to be fit and active and injured my spine and gained weight. I used to eat a very healthy diet. Since marrying my husband 13 years ago, my eating has 'merged' with his (for better and worse!) and our bad habits became shared bad habits (he eats more sweets now, I eat more fried and meat now!!! - worst 2 for 1 deal ever!!!!)

Recently I had a health scare that's led me to pursue getting things back on track once and for all!

I'm posting to meet folks with similar goals to mine, and to meet people and share, and gain support and encouragement: it's a marathon, not a sprint!!!

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  • OhioJB

    1 year ago

    Good luck Suzan. You're absolutely right, this endeavour will be a marathon, not a sprint. Mistakes may be made from time to time, but it losing large amounts can be done. Yesterday I weighed myself at 320.8 lbs. I plan on getting down to at least 187. Started a one week or longer fast yesterday of nothing but ice water, then will blend vegetables and a little fruit for at least two weeks but probably longer. I do worry about taking solid food out of my diet for too long but will see how things go. Good luck, Hope you post updates. Regards, Jeff

  • amypris

    1 year ago

    Hi Susan! I'm about to start a 60 day reboot - want to stay in touch? You too Jeff, if you're interested!

  • TraceH68

    11 months ago

    Hi there, my name is Tracey, I am from the UK. I am going to be 50 this year and am a mother of 3 children, 2 Sons of 28 and 25 and a daughter of 16. I am a vegetarian and weigh 150Ib but would love to get down to about 133Ib if I possibly can. I haven't been that for around 10 years now which is really depressing!! Definitely want to try juicing, but really not sure where to start. Any advice or support would be amazing, thank you.

  • BeVibrant!

    10 months ago

    I love your post as I am in a kind of similar situation. Need to get my health back on track and have only been juicing off/on mostly eating bad things of late due to fiance's job loss and his being home all the time now until a new job is found. Too much stress!! But I have signed up for the 15 day reboot starting this week...and am ready to go to get things back on track. I need lots of support and friends doing same! There is zero support at home now the Mr. eats all the wrong things and hates every part of my juicing and salads but still supports me much as he can. Glad to connect with like-minded people here!

  • Midwestern72

    9 months ago

    I am 45 and starting my own reboot. I used to be 165 pounds most of my life until 2005 when I had an emotional breakdown after a relationship breakup. Then in 2006 I hurt my back and became disabled. My weight doubled in the next few years and today i am 340 pounds! So in a week I will start my reboot journey It is called Operation: Transform200. I call it that because my goal is to get back to 200 pounds again.

  • EllaHoll

    8 months ago

    I really liked your story. I will be happy to share my success. And I rejoice at your successes.

  • LolaC

    8 months ago

    I admire people like you! And I wish you to achieve your goal. Good luck to you.

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