Group Reboots


Group Reboots

Posted by Milena on 8 months ago

Hello Everyone,

My name is Milena. I've started juicing some time ago and loooooved it! Back in those days my eating habits were much healthier and adding juicing reboots now and then were pretty easy and enjoyable task. Since then some things has changed along with my eating habits. They became less and less healthier. However, my mind didn't want to acknowledge that. I always new that i have this powerful tool, Juicing and Fasting, to take me back on track. Unfortunately, i went too far to the place were coming back is not that easy. I tried juice reboots several times and it helped to loose some pounds. But my mindset wasn't changed at all.

This time I'm trying different approach and trying to build a healthier life style rather than rely on quick reboots. I got my new juicer and ready to go!

Happy Juicing Everyone!!!

P.S. I'm also want to sell (very reasonable price) my older juicer (4 year old Hurom HH Elite Slow Juicer). It's in a great condition. If anyone interested please reply.

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