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Group Reboots

Posted by Armyjuice777 on 5 years ago

hi my name is juan from Texas and I've been juicing for 2 weeks! I've list 13 pounds

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  • carolmarol58

    5 years ago

    Hi my name is Carol hopefully I will be able to start the reboot soon. I went to the dr today and found out I have pneumonia, so it will be a couple of weeks for me I cant wait I am 58 and sick of being sick and over weight. I weigh 142 now I know that isn't a lot but when you are 4ft 7 in tall ...that's a lot. So I came here to introduce myself and to just hang out here just to get inspired. I am starting out on the 3 day reboot and going from their, what is everyone else doing oh also I am staring with a nutribulit high powered blender is anyone else doing this although I see they have a coupon for a juicer that Joe used, for half off! I am still paying off the bullit lol let me know what cha all think have a juicy day (ok that sounds gross sry)

  • Jeff Searcy

    5 years ago

    Good luck carolmarol58, I hope you feel better soon. Lots of great people on this site. Check out the blog of my Green Juicing Journey

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