Real Change

Quitting is never an option

Real Change

Posted by katiejay on 6 years ago

"Start by doing what's necessary, then do what's possible. Suddenly you're doing the impossible." St. Francis of Assisi

Right from the beginning, I knew that if I consumed only juice for 60 days, I would fail miserably. Once a food addict starts thinking about what he/she can or cannot eat, that's the only thing they can think about. For the first month and a half, I had juice for breakfast and lunch and a hearty vegan soup for supper. After that, I began doing reboots. I switch back and forth from doing full reboots to eating a plant-rich diet by following The China Study cookbooks, Forks over Knives cookbook, The End of Dieting.

I began changing my life on April 9, 2013 and - for the most part - it has been a wonderful experience.

The changes that I have experienced:

- Dramatic weight loss

- No more insulin!!!!!

- No more diabetic medication at all

- I sleep at night (after having a sleep disorder for 25 years)

- My aura migraines have disappeared. (They were weird!)

- I am virtually pain free

- Increased energy

- I exercise like a maniac - cardio and toning with weights

- I feel and look great

- I'm happy, and really, what more could a person ask for

I received the greatest honour by being featured in Joe's new book Fully Charged as one of the success stories. What an amazing thrill!

I now go by the user name kate.the.warrior. Warriors never quit. I will never quit because giving up and failure is not part of the plan.

"Only you have the power to turn your dreams and wishful thinking into your reality."

Kate (British Columbia, Canada)

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Replies To Quitting is never an option

  • art.barney1

    6 years ago
    You people inspire me to continue on day five doing well had a craving for an avocado yesterday and gave in and didn't lose any weight. You will make it to your goal as you continue to do everything you need to do weight ago 43 pounds that's amazing.
  • Isabel

    4 years ago

    I am in the fourth day and until now I have lost 1900 grams already. It is possible. It is true, we are humans and we have cravings but we can beat them. I admit that I have eaten a small sandwich yesterday (with a little cheese) but still lost 500 grams. We are at the beginning, it is normal to be difficult, but go on, we fall but we go up again. But don t fall to often! Good luck

  • Driven2780

    6 years ago
    Amazing job Katiejay! Keep us's great to have others circulating inspiration!
  • IowaGirl83

    6 years ago
    Katie, great job! Would love to follow your journey. I will try the spinach, I may like it better than the kale. Any recipes, would be greatly appreciated.
  • homeschooler

    6 years ago
    Great job Katie. Iam new to juicing too. Iam on day 7 of a 60 day juice fast. Dont really know what iam doing so I'm trying to catch some pointers.
  • katiejay

    6 years ago

    Hi Homeschooler...I'm one too. Our daughter is 13 and in grade 8 homeschooling - but going to a public high school in the fall. I started my juicing program with a plan. If I were single, I would have gotten rid of everything in the house that I was NOT to eat and attempt to be juice only for 60 days, but it's not that easy with a family. Being careful, eating properly and trying to lose weight while cooking for a family is virtually impossible. I figured that if I had a nice big bowl of hearty soup made with dried beans and lots of spices and herbs, I'd be happy on this program. And do you want to know the honest truth? I AM happy doing this. I really thank God that I've never been a coffee drinker because it gives me terrible palpitations - so I didn't get addicted to it. I had no withdrawals from anything, so I am truly grateful for that.

    Day 7 is great! That's a whole week. If you can do one week, you can do two. Keep on going. To my way of thinking, juicing is what you make it. You do your best and leave the rest. (My deceased mom would be happy to know that I'm quoting her, but it's good advice.) There are no rules written in stone. You do what works for you. I know that my little program is certainly working for me.

    One thing that has helped me tremendously is something that I'm sure you have the supplies to make since you're a home educator. I took a bright piece of poster board and put a title on top (Juice Make-over) and made enough squares to last a good long time - and numbered them. To be honest, I made 180 squares. That's my actual goal. Then I went out and bought some big puffy, glossy stickers. I have it in a prominent place where the whole family can see it. Each morning, I tell my daughter, "Yesterday was a good day...can you put a sticker on my chart?" Even as an adult, it's great to get a sticker! I'll tell you - it sure works. Every time I see my chart, I'm tickled pink.

    This was day 28 and it was a good day.

    Thanks for all the encouragement and kind words from everyone.

    Blessings in abundance,


    [url=] [img][/img] [/url

    It feels so good to feel so good.

  • inesquilts

    6 years ago
    Kate, what a brilliant idea! I will be off tomorrow to get myself a packet of gold stars! (and, as you can see by my handle, quilting is not an option for me either!) I am only just starting my juice fest: day 4 on a .... day fest. One day at a time, see how far I go. But because I have a ways to go, I will probably have to do 3 or 4 30 day fasts. I am in no hurry. And if it works for me as well as for all these others, hey, I may only need 2 or 3. We'll see. Good luck and happy juicing ines
  • Rach04

    5 years ago
    Hi! I am also a homeschooling mum to four boys aged 14,13,11 and 8. I am on day one! And wanting to go 60 days. I am still going through all the different plans and juices and amounts. A bit overwhelming. I made up my first juice this morning :) I love your reward chart idea. I am going to do that up today
  • Barbara

    5 years ago

    I am very inspired by you as I have a problem just juicing, I find myself eating fruit and veggies, but It is good to hear that someone else is not just juicing and losing weight. I would love to follow your journey as well. thank you for the inspiration.

  • Yeager

    2 years ago

    Way to go Kate!

    I am loving seeing you back to your happier self. That is awesome!

    Rah, rah, ree, Kate!



  • katiejay

    6 years ago
    Day 29 For the past 30 years, I've been using a steroid lotion for spots of psoriasis on my scalp. I haven't been using it for three weeks and there is NO sign of psoriasis on my scalp anywhere. What a bonus. Today is pole-walking around our neighbourhood, red juice (mean green with half a beet), and exceedingly spicy vegetarian chili for supper. I used Extra hot chili powder from India that I bought at an East Indian market. Holy smokes, is it hot! It certainly woke up my sleepy taste buds. Anything to get through the day. I'm feeling energized on this sunny day. I'll weed out my herbs and cheer up my little garden. [url=] [img][/img] [/url] It feels so good to feel so good.
  • KittyKat

    4 years ago

    That is one of my issues too -- psoriasis. I'm hoping without the wheat or sweets that mine will clear up too. A while back my dr told me to give up wheat and my face cleared up within four days (splotches). Wheat slipped back in and now I have a large spot of psoriasis on my left shin and a small one on my right.

  • angiemarie

    3 years ago

    doug kaufman is nutritinist that believes food is healing...he says he can cure psoriasis. He said its food HE hates us to eat corn. Corn is stored in huge piles and the piles have to have oxygen pumped in it to stop the mold. ONce a farmer was cleaning his silo, the bottom broke? and he fell and the powder killed him. My md treated baby with psoriasis by changing baby formula...ITS ALMOST HALF SUGAR...THAT IS FOR SALE.

    WHEN i had my kids...years ago no one nursed, and we made formula ...i began to remember what was it? It was CORN SYRUP, AND CANS OF EVAPORATED MILK. Geez. Poor kids

  • katiejay

    6 years ago
    [url=] [img][/img] [/url] For my breakfast juice, I switched from beet to a red pepper since I wanted to use it up. It was okay, but I'm not anxious to use it in the near future. I only pole-walked 10 minutes because I left too late and it was too hot. I'll go nice and early tomorrow.
  • katiejay

    6 years ago
    End of Day 29 It cooled off in the evening and I was just itching to grab my poles and hit the streets, so my husband, Rod, and I went walking for another 30 with my poles - and him with just his feet. It felt so nice being out there walking in the clear blue sky. Time for some sleep and see what tomorrow brings. [url=] [img][/img] [/url]
  • katiejay

    6 years ago
    Day 30 - lost 3.5 (weighing every 5 days) The sun is up and my herb garden is calling me. Time for something green. [url=] [img][/img] [/url]

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