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Illness and the Reboot

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Posted by redraspberries on 8 months ago

So my wife and I are on day 4 of the reboot, and she's become really sick. We think it's a sinus infection and possibly a stomach bug. She is throwing up and all that good stuff, poor thing. I was trying to find out what Joe Cross says about what you should do when you fall ill during the reboot, but I'm not able to find anything. Is it recommended we continue? She is an epileptic, as well, and her biggest triggers are stress and infection, so I am concerned that it may be too much. That aside, however, I want to know if nutritionally, she would be okay to finish out the reboot while so ill. Or actually. . . to go back to my original question, I'd like to know the rule of thumb about sickness and the reboot in general. . . if someone falls sick during the reboot, should they abandon it and try again later, or is finishing it out okay?

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