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I've lost 100 lbs

Real Change

Posted by choosefit3 on 5 years ago

Currently I weigh 175lbs(above) here i weigh 210 (below)

Picture above I weighed around 275 lbs. So I feel like I should share my story. I look at pictures of myself from before I started juicing and cant believe the transformation. I really didn't realize how bad it was until i saw pictures of myself and have to admit that I feel good about not wanting to hide all the time anymore because of my weight. I started juicing in august of 2012, 2 months after I had my daughter. My weight when I started was around 275 lbs and I saw Joe Crosses documentary it gave me the motivation I needed to really DESIRE the change and not just WANT to be thin. I juiced successfully for 46 days and had lost around 40 lbs and felt great about it. I knew I was on the road to the body I wanted and as the results kept coming I found joy in just being healthy. I was glad that I was no longer obsessed with an idea of a body that was unrealistic. I have juiced on and off since that august and am proud of my choices even when i am not juicing. I eat very healthy and really embraced the lifestyle change that in the beginning i never thought i could endure. I use to eat so much junk food and such large portions that I never thought I could change my eating habits. They were deep rooted and had been "perfected" since I was very young. Even now every once in a while i will over indulge but have found the strength not to beat myself up about it. When I crave something I will have a bite of it and move on, and it feels good not to have to be a slave to self defeating talk anymore. Eating a piece of cake at a birthday party doesn't have to be the end of the world or diet suicide ... its all how you look at it. Now juicing doesn't give me the results it did before but I have incorporated exercise into my juicing and my body is responding really well. I will continue to update my success and just want you all to know that it can be done. If I can do it.. so can you. God Bless you all. I did a little editing on this story.I first posted this as Ive lost 65lbs but I currently weigh 175 lbs. I have officially lost 100 lbs and am so happy to be where I am. Thank you everyone for your comments and your support. I am so happy to inspire you. Keep up the great work. I have also been unable to upload pictures from my phone but as soon as i have access Ibwill be posting pictures of my current weight loss.

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