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I'm struggling!

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Posted by jay9candoit on 4 years ago

I really feel like a loser! Every time I start the reboot I always stop at day one. It has been really hard for me to complete a 3 day reboot. I have a husband and a toddler that require a cook meal everyday 2-3 times a day, it's hard cooking for them without tasting the food. Does anyone have any advise for me? I really want to make a chance but it's really hard. I need HELP!

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  • Nevadavegan

    4 years ago

    You are not a loser!!! It's sound's like you don't have much support, which makes the struggling tougher. The fact you are trying is what counts, even if you don't make it more than a day. I don't know if this suggestion will help? First talk to your husband and stress that his help and support is what you need. Maybe he can help with at least one or two of the meals. If not, than try making extra juice that you can drink before and during your meal prep. Additionally, drink a lot of water with lemon during that day. This will along with juicing help your appetite. Make your goal to get at least through one day instead of three, and work from there. Juicing once a day is better than not juicing at all, so that is progress and something to celebrate!

    I believe you can do it, just stick to it you are already a success in my book!


  • onason

    4 years ago

    I know exactly how you feel! I have to pretty much cook two types of meals for my kids and my husband. My husband has kidney problems so it's best for him to eat vegetarian as much as possible. If my kiddos don't get some protein in, they wake up hungry at night. They love veggies and tofu which is great but they don't go for all the different tofu concoctions that my husband might like. Anyway, the last few days have been hard to balance it all - I'm on Day 3 of a 15 reboot (5 days of eating veggies/fruits with juicing then 10 days straight juicing).

    I have started making a big batch of juice in the late afternoon that will provide one dinner juice and one snack juice the next day. I think I will continue this when I do juicing only - prepping 2-3 kinds of juice the day before to drink the next day. Then I only have to focus on cooking as usual for the family. Maybe that's something you can do? It's tiring for sure but a little prep the day before might help. I've read that the juices retain their nutrients best if consumed within 24 hours.

    Good luck!

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