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I can do this. I think...

Free for All

Posted by JohnC on 10 months ago

I got to day 8 my first time juicing. I got lazy and let food get the best of me. I did loose 16 lbs.

Now a week later I am trying again. This time with the help of all you awesome (JUICE BUDDYs)

I am on day 3 today. I hate day 1 and 2. I need to stay on for lots longer this time. I will not go through that again.

Hi, my name John and I am in love with food. Being Italian doesn't help because I was raised on bread and pasta. Oh lord... Just typing those words made my stomach growl. Hold on I need a sip of juice.

Ok good enough. Anyway, I sure hope to get skinny and healthy doing this.

Thank you Joe for opening my eyes and closing my stomach, John

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Replies To I can do this. I think...

  • Soose

    10 months ago

    Hi, JohnC. Could you repeat your intro over on one or more of the active groups, please?

    That's a cool fish in your photo -- guess you like to fish. :)

    Congrats on your juice days so far! You're right, it's a lot harder to stop and start than it is to just keep going. Somehow we have to each make it thru the first few days until our bodies turn over into burning our own fat for energy. That part of it is a mental game. Just gotta make it thru. I've always heard you should drink a lot of juice. Don't allow yourself to get hungry. My homemade gingerale helps me, too -- bloats the stomach, and someone who was studying it said that will prevent the stomach from releasing the hormone that signals appetite? Staying busy can help a lot, if you can find a really good distraction. Or some people just go to bed for a few days. Oh, and watching a lot of healthy movies and vids can help, too. Good time to expand knowledge of the subject.

  • JohnC

    10 months ago

    How do I make the gingerale. That sounds awesome. I crave salt so miso soup helps me.

  • Soose

    10 months ago

    Hi, JohnC. I was trying to find a way to put more ginger root in my juices -- I know it's healthy, but I really don't like a lot of burn in my mouth. I realized I do like ginger ale. Guess it's the carbonation.

    Juice the ginger root. Separately. I started out putting a little knob or two of it in my old fashioned hand garlic press.

    I put however much ginger root juice into a glass (started with a teaspoon or two, more now) with some stevia and seltzer (soda aka carbonated) water. I usually add some berry puree if I have some, for a diff flavor. If you like lemon or whatever, you could also add that but the ginger ale is fine if you get the sweetness and ginger levels to your taste. Totally your taste. Not rocket science! No recipe!

    Then my husband started wanting some for work, too. My garlic press is kind of a pain.

    So I realized I can juice more ginger root and keep it in the fridge -- or someone was saying they make ice cubes. So I grind the ginger root -- a good huge root of it -- in my food processor and then press the juice out and bottle it. I make about 10 liquid ounces at a time. You can press a pretty good amount between a cloth in a lemon or orange squeezer. (You know the ones shaped like half a lemon, two halves you press together? )

    I haven't tried miso soup yet but someone on the beginners group was trying to tell me how to make it.

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