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I am 52 years old and lost 115 pounds juicing.

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Posted by DanMiller BettyRae on 7 years ago

My name is Dan (5'11" - 52 yr old) and I joined the reboot network on 7-24-2011 after watching Joe's Documentary. I weighed 289 pounds. I immediately went and bought a Breville Juicer (the BEST brand) and I did a 10 day vegetable juicing fast. I only drank pitchers of fresh juice (and water)for 10 days - as much as I wanted, to jumpstart my program. Everyday I made/make a juice of approx: 2 pounds Carrots, 1/2 bunch Celery, 1 big cucumber, 3 leaves Kale, 1/4 Beet, 1 green apple and a knob of ginger. During the reboot juice fasting period I only had veggie juice, all day everyday - no solid food. The "all you can drink" nutrition packed vegetable juice keeps you feeling full and energized and allows your digestive tract to balance. I instantly started feeling better - through a juice fast! I instantly dropped 10 pounds which motivated me to continue.

After the reboot juice only period, I thought, "I can do this." I tried another month of daily juicing, during that month, I ate 1 daily meal of solid plant food like salad or steamed veggies. I lost 20 pounds that first 6 weeks. I continued daily juicing through Christmas 2011/New Year 2012. I would just drink veggie juice all day replacing breakfast, lunch, snack. I ate 1 solid meal in the evening with healthy stuff like beans, veggie stews & soups or big salads. I totally stopped eating sugar, sweets, breads, chips, soda, coffee, booze and cut big meat portions and/or stick to smaller portions of fish. By March of 2012 I had lost a total of 55 pounds with daily juicing and 1 solid 'healthy' meal per day. Ask me - I did NOT feel hungry, no low energy and no cravings for crappy food or solid food.

Within months of juicing I instantly stopped falling asleep in mid-conversation, I stopped having sleep apnea and my skin rash went away, my circulation improved and I was able to start some simple exercise. When you watch the FSND documentary you can see how easy it is to incorporate the lifestyle. I (We-my wife too) just always have a thermos of fresh juice available to consume on a daily basis. At least 2-3 16oz glasses per day for 16 oz glass per day for my wife. With new found energy and the ability to bend down and tie my shoes, now I always ask my wife to give me jobs or duties or heavy lifting stuff, which I used to avoid. I have continued to loose weight every month (without excessive exercise) and average about 10 pounds per month. However, now I still only eat healthy solid food at dinner and have a mid-day snack of carrots n' nuts or a piece of fruit, everything else I consume is water and my veggie juice. I make one pitcher of juice per day and sip it in 16oz portions throughout the day. I did not eat a big breakfast, but I do have a fresh fruit serving in the morning, no lunch but I sip on juice. Both my wife & I are starting to notice that there is not much fat left (only about 25 pounds in my belly) and with the daily exercise and continued juicing, my skin is starting to tighten and tone a bit more as opposed to loosing excess fat. I figure another 3-4 months and I will reach my new goal weight of 190lbs for my 5'11" 52-year old frame. My original goal back in summer 2011 was to lose 50 pounds, but that came off relatively easy with juicing in about 6-7 months, so I upped the anti in April and set a goal for another 50 pounds. The weight has really fallen off quickly and systematically in the 1-1/2 year since considering weight loss, but came off faster when I started daily reboot juicing to replace daytime meals. I adjusted my lifestyle, but the changes fit into our existing lifestyle. Ya know how people carry around their Starbucks coffee drinks?, Now my cup is filled with fresh veggie juice instead of a MochalattaChocolattaCalories. I am always carrying and sipping on something in a 16oz thermo glass - something veggie-juicy good.

March 2011 I was 51 years old and 338 lbs of Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead. August 2012 I am 52 years old and weigh 212 lbs - a total weightloss of 113 pounds!

November 2013 Update: I am 53 - soon to be 54 years old and I have lost 145 pounds and regained the health of my entire family with Daily Reboot Juicing and a Plant-Based Whole food eating lifestyle. Please See:

Message me by clicking my name above and I'll send you tips & techniques to lose weight with Reboot Juicing or you can see photos and other personal details on my website at:

You are all invited to Join the Juicing & Plant-based Society at:

Eat & Drink Plants! Juice for Weight Loss. Juice for Health. Juice for Life.

Healthy Regards, Dan Miller

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  • jguy

    7 years ago
    Hi Dan My name is Jesse I am just starting my journey, earlier this month I purchased a Nutribullit machine and have lost 10 lbs in 2 weeks. I do have concerns that my bullit is not a juicer and may hamper my success as I am consuming the whole fruit or green. But I mus admit that I am feeling better now than I have in 20 plus years by the way I am 5'9" 292 lbs I started just over 300. I read stories like yours and they give me hope as I thought I was a dead man walking. Thanks for posting your story. Jesse
  • Br00klynBear

    7 years ago
    Dan Awesome story, thanks for sharing your journey. I think you hit on something we ALL need to remember: this is about making a serious shift in your relationship with food, and what you decide to put in your body. To look at the juice fast as a simple way to drop lbs fast is to miss the point, somewhat. But it's good to hear that just by juicing alone, your body naturally draws the conclusion that these nutrients are what it needs. I'm starting a 60-day juice plan on 9/1. I'm 6'1", 275 lbs. I'm going to take the previous week to build up to the fast by eliminating caffeine and incorporating a few juices into my day. I pray I have the success you did. I think with these forums, I'll be able to stay motivated to see it through. Every story I hear is another brick in the wall of my resolve. Thanks again.
  • dawnybaby

    7 years ago
    Envirohealth, I love your story! Thank you so much for sharing! This is a GREAT encouragement!
  • Nancy Klune

    7 years ago
    Thanks for sharing! Great inspiration.
  • DanMiller BettyRae

    7 years ago
    Thanks for everyone's interest and support. I have been at this for about 18 months. I have a Health & Wellness background, but have struggled with my weight since grade school. I officially started my reboot program in August 2011, but prior to that I attempted to lose some weight with other techniques. In March 2011 I was 325 lbs, and upon suggestion from my wife I slowly started to cease having certain foods in the house. She just flat-out stopped buying the ?culprit? products, ie: I totally stopped eating sugar, sweets, breads, chips, soda, dairy, coffee, booze and cut all big meat portions, (but now I continue to eat meat but stick to smaller portions of chicken, turkey, fish.) Enough was enough. I holed up and did a 3 day Fast ? a real fast, just sipping water (if you want detox symptoms full force, give that a try.) I also did a specific 8 day detox colon cleanse to clean up my digestion from all those years of unconscious eating. That really helped too, because I felt I was now starting with a clean slate, so to speak. Just getting off the junky food and complex carbs started a healing crisis of detox symptoms. I re-entertained ?Fit for Life? a Food Combining program purported by Naturopaths to mainly assist with digestive problems (most overweightys have poor digestion). It is easier to accommodate this style of eating (restaurants, BBQs, social functions) because you eat what everyone else is having but you only choose to eat the protein with veggies at a meal, or the Carbs n? veggies at a meal ? never mixing protein & carbs together ? no meat n? potatoes at the same meal?because stomachs don?t digest the two very well and is why everyone bloats, burps, belches, and farts after eating. After 6 months and only 35 pounds lost, I was disillusioned and had reached a plateau of sorts. After finding Joe & the documentary I was able to completely adjust my lifestyle and committed to daily Juicing. I supplement at least 1-2 meals per day with 2-3 16oz glasses of veggie juice throughout the day. I only started regular exercise after about 6 months of juicing and after I had lost 50 pounds. I had more energy and willingness to exercise more regularly after dropping some initial weight. Now the exercise is toning my loose skin, because most of my fat is gone now and I am working towards only 25 more pounds to lose mostly from my belly. I have been committed to daily juicing and a plant-based diet for 1 year and lost 77 pounds doing only that. If you wanna talk on the phone or email me, I would be happy to share more specific details and my 'before/after' photos, if you are interested. Just contact me via email: millerae AT Juice for Health, Juice for Weight loss, Juice for Life.
  • Scorpiochick55

    7 years ago
    Hi, when I get home from work today I am going to get to open the box to my new Breville Juicer! I can't wait. I applaud your success! I previously lost 27 pounds with Weight Watchers, on my second or third go-round. I have put about 6 pounds back on, but saw Joe's video and have a boss who has been juicing for a few weeks and is turning around her health! Another co-worker has been adding juicing slowly to his and his wife's routine. Although his wife is doing it more than he is. My husband needs to loose a bunch too, so if I can show him the way, well, if would be so much better to be healthier and happier with him than without him! What do you recommend for a slower - start-up juice recipe? We are still eating meat this 3-day weekend and I doubt that I will ever totally give up beef (such as ribeye, steak, baby back ribs and such). I don't eat much in the way of junk food and have almost totally given up Dr. Pepper drinking. Can't eat wheat products due to food allergies, so except for fresh Italian bread, giving up breads won't be much of a challenge, except for times when my husband makes his grilled cheese sandwiches or when I am feeling lazy before dinner time. I have hopes to up my will power at night time though. And hopes of getting on my new treadmill that is set up in my living room right in front of our TV.
  • Marian.Denby.Booker

    7 years ago
    I just got back from loading up with fruits and veg from the market and I will also start my juicing today. I have a Jack LaLanne's Power Juicer that I will be using for now. I did this before for 6 months and loss a lot of weigh I was going vegan all the way but I don't know what turn me around. This time will be different for me because I'm also 52 and will be 53 in Feb. and I want to be the best that I can and feel good at it. Thank you for sharing your story.
  • SeattleJuicer

    7 years ago
    Way To Go Dan!
  • djmiller

    7 years ago
    Great positive report Dan. I had to double take when I saw your post because I am Dan Miller too:) Oh well...theres plenty of room here for the both of us. I just received my new Breville Juicer today and have everything all set to start my all juice diet tomarrow. I'm feeling healthier already just thinking about it.

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