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How often can I juice between eating

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Posted by Lisadk1 on 5 years ago

Hi - I've done 1 10 day juice fast, and then ate (too much and the wrong stuff) for 2 days. I really suffered, I felt terrible for 3 days, cramps, bloated....

Since then I've been juicing again - so 10 days juicing, 2 or 3 days eating and back to now day 4 of juicing.

I'm wondering if it's safe and advisable to juice for 10 days and then eat for 2 or 3 days (but sensibly this time)?

Thanks alot

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  • James3067

    5 years ago

    I am not a doctor but I think I can answer your questions. Since juicing is good for you I think you can take that part out of your questions so what remains is the eating part. To me (again not a doctor) as long as you eat the right foods all should be well in the world. Remember to ease into a juice fast and also ease out of one. As you already figured out that coming out of a juice fast and running to get a pizza will not make one feel better; in fact, worse. One thing about eating after a juice fast - we learn real fast what foods hurt us before but we didn't know it. If you get a headache after eating then you know whatever was in that food your body does not like. IF you are going for weight loss only, then I would simply monitor how you feel. If you feel lousy then it is time to quit for a month or two, eat the right foods and go at it again. Hope that helps.

  • Lisadk1

    5 years ago

    Thank you James, sorry, didn't mean to flag it, I was trying to 'like' it! I will be easing out of the fast later on today for a couple of days, so I'm definitely going to 'eat clean' and have already bought two vegan cook books!

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