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Hot yoga while rebooting?

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Posted by Keira on 4 years ago

I am completely new to rebooting/juicing. I am starting my first ever 15 day juice only reboot on Feb. 15th. I have been looking into also starting some Bikram yoga classes as well. I know the first few days won't be fun, so I probably won't do much, but I was wondering if anyone knows if hot yoga during a reboot would be too much? I would obviously have to stay VERY hydrated, which I plan to do anyway, but does anyone have any input?

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  • LisaG

    4 years ago

    I did a hot yoga class yesterday on my juice reboot, day one, although I cheated and had two green apples as well. Felt fine. I plan on doing hot yoga through out the rest of my reboot, I would say listen to your body, stay hydrated, if you feel tired or dizzy, go into child's pose. Think as long as you feel ok. that is my opinion though.

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