Real Change

Hoping for supporters on the second journey

Real Change

Posted by Tamara on 2 years ago

Last summer for my first time juicing, I juiced for 45 days and lost the 25 pounds I was aiming to lose. I never felt better than at that time. Shortly thereafter, I got a new job which meant more stress and more sitting. Full of my own excuses I'd say. I felt an awful lot like I'd taken my own journey that Phil had. Not having the support system, I leaned on the dreadful fried foods and on the road back to poor health. I put all the weight back on plus a few extra pounds. I feel quite sad and miserable as I am now. For some added motivation I bought myself a better juicer this evening and am exited to try it out. Tomorrow I am starting day 1 on a journey of what I hope this time will be truly life changing.

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  • Destroyer

    2 years ago

    Hey there, Tamara! Welcome back aboard the juice train! I'm currently wrapping up Day 3 of what I'm hoping is a 60-day juice fast. I've gone 20-ish days a couple of times in the past, but never anything beyond that. Its pretty easy for me to stay determined this early in the process, but I'm hoping it sticks with me for the nest 57 days.

    I think that posting here will help me keep myself accountable and better slated for success. I've started a daily check-in thread for this week (May 1-7) for myself and others who may be interested in having a place to come and post more regularly. Feel free to post there if you feel it may be beneficial for you.

    Good luck and juice on!

  • saiyanelite

    2 years ago

    Hi Tamara,

    I myself just started a reboot and I am on day 4. I had to get some extra help as I have tried juicing several times only making it 4 and 5 days usually. I made it 10 days one time and felt great. Part of my problem is that I was dealing with alcohol addiction. I don't want to go into the details of all that but I finally quit. After I quit I was hungry all the time. Sugar cravings definitely but it didn't matter what I ate or how much I was still always hungry.

    I had to seek help from a doctor that put me on a weight loss program and gave me a prescription for a hunger suppressant. (I know most people try and get off of meds but this is actually helping me.) I switched from the diet to a juice fast on Friday and the medicine is helping a lot. I still get hungry but its bearable. If I start to get overly hungry I have a hot black tea with no sweetener. I'm hoping after this fast it will help reset my hunger switch.

    Anyway, don't beat yourself up about regaining weight. You will be way harder on yourself than anyone else ever will.

  • QuackQuack

    8 months ago

    Hi, Its Real Change - Thanks

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