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Hi from England

Free for All

Posted by CarrotCat on 4 months ago

Hi, my name is Nicki, I live in England and fed up with feeling fat, sick and almost dead. I've never juiced before but set a date to start at 12zam on Tuesday 30 May (GMT).

I need to change my life as I am so limited by health problems. I'm doing this for both health and weight loss. My mum is my primary supporter but will need encouragement from you guys. I'm addicted to Diet Pepsi and this is my Achilles heal when doing this juice fast.

I'm initially doing this for 21 days. I opted for 21 days because it generally takes 21 days to form a new habit and break old ones. To create new pathways in the brain.

I'm both excited and apprehensive. I'm totally new to juicing. Any tips and ideas, greatly appreciated guys.

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  • YoshBear

    4 months ago

    Wishing you much success. I'm on Day 8 and lost 3kg/6.6lb the first week. I'm not doing a total juice fast though. Once a day I eat a soup or salad. The juice and smoothie recipes available on this site (on the 10 day menu) are delicious. Much better than my own concoctions. Drink lots of water!

  • alien

    4 months ago

    Hi here are some tips of mine, I did one in 2014 and kept all the weight off and kept healthy, but.... had a rough time this last year and have been comfort eating, so...... just started a fast but just replacing, lunch and dinner. Hope these tips help you, ask anything you need to know, and I will help if I can:

    1. Drink all juices chilled from the fridge. (I just prefer that )

    2. Use a straw, and drink slowly.

    3. Think small steps, ie 3 days, then 5 and so on, its a mind game.

    4. Keep going,the longer you carry on the easier it gets.

    5. Any headaches,hunger pangs,detox symptoms ease off.

    6. If you are hungry have more juice

    7. Make sure to have 1.5 to 2 litres of water throughout the day.(I just

    sipped all day, you can soon down 2 litres)

    8. Tweak recipes if some ingredients you don't like

    9. Keep positive, the changes you will make are amazing

    10. DON'T get to focused on weight loss alone, we forget the fantastic

    things that are going on inside our bodies, that we cannot see. (ie after

    42 days, my doc took me off my blood pressure pill :) )

    11. Make sure you have enough juice, too little and the body goes into

    starvation mode, and keeps hold of all that nasty fat.

    12. Make sure to have coconut water.

    13. Stick it through day 5 and you will be sailing :)

    14. Come here if you have weak moments, or keep yourself busy.

    ( ie I almost very nearly ate one of my dogs bacon snacks!!!!!! honestly

    I still cannot believe it lol)

    Good luck to you, happy juicing

  • Zootal

    4 months ago

    I have my own routine, which is NOT the "official" reboot regimin, but I consistently loose about five pounds a week doing this. Every day I consume:

    Morning: home made yogurt with fruit, no more then 8oz total
    Snack: green tea and/or juice
    Lunch: Juice with protein supplement
    Snack: green tea and/or juice
    Dinner: Juice with a pinch of salt and a bowl of home made meat broth of some sort, today it's bone broth, last week it was an authentic (and very tasty) japanese shoyu ramen broth I made
    Water if and when I feel like it
    A multi vitamin and assorted herbs like ashwaghanda, gotu kola, etc.

    Sometimes I'll drink some coconut water
    Sometimes I'll have a handful of peanuts
    Sometimes I'll eat a banana or an avocado

    I don't drink the vast quantities of water the "official" plans say to drink, I only drink coconut water once a week or so, I don't stress if I eat a cracker or some peanuts, I sometimes chug juice, I sometimes sip it slowly. I do not toe the line, I do it my way.

    And I loose about five pounds a week.

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