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Help, broke juice fast

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Posted by sylvie on 5 years ago On day 10 yesterday and just felt so hungry and wanting to eat! I gave in and had a meal. This am regained 2 pounds. I am beginning to wonder if I have to stick to juicing only untill sufficent weight loss is acheived that I can afford to put back on some weight, say a cushion of about 5-6 pounds to maintain loss permenantly? Also, I cant tolerate celery/cue/kale. I have tried instead white cabbage and english cos lettuce- thinking that the bitterness isnt as strong and have enjoyed them, is that good enough? I can also manage a handful of watercress. I am allergic to the celery, cue and kale made me feel sick and gave me a headache immediately after drinking them. Would i still lose weight if I had a small meal say every other day? Or is that defeating the point of juicing? Advice needed please as i went on this juice regime to break my addictions to carbs/sugar.( I dont eat ready meals, takeaways) Thanks :-)

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  • Claire Georgiou - ND

    5 years ago
    Dear sylvie, Regaining some weight when you go from juicing only to eating is completely normal. Here is more about how to transition back to eating and how to maintain your weight loss. Yes this is fine to do! The darker the better overall. You could try alittle kale in your current juice that you are making with the lettuce and cabbage so you can slowly introduce this new flavour. Watercress is excellent and provides many nutrients. Stronger greens can cause a detox-like reaction - it can be better to slowly introduce them later into the picture to reduce these effects that can occur. You can enjoy a vegetable based meal daily if you choose to.

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