Help: Recipes in the app and the book don't match


Posted by frimmouss on 1 year ago

Hi Juicers,

I'm new to juicing and I've equipped myself with both the reboot app and the 101 juices recipes book.

I was well on my way doing Joe's mean green juice yesterday when I realised that the quantity of ingredients indicated for 2 serves in the app are actually the quantity of ingredients that would make 4 serves in the book! I'm a bit confused and I don't know which one supersedes the other. Has anyone noticed this before? How many ml of juice do you usually have for a meal?

Thanks for your help juicers:)

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  • Zootal

    1 year ago

    They have updated the recipes available here since the books were published, and some of them are off a bit. I personally would stick to the recipes in the books for the most part. I've been juicing for so long that I don't bother with recipes anymore, I just keep shoving stuff in the juicer until my quart jar is full.

    After you have been juicing for a while you can look at the ingredients in a recipe and have a feel for how much juice it will make. I make juice by the quart, and each quart is two "servings". The mean green recipe in the book should make one quart give or take, which is two servings.

    Also, a lot of the speciality juices with high fruit content aren't meant to be drank by the pint, but instead the "serving size" for them is often a lot less. A "serving" is 16-20 ounces or so, but only if it is a veggie/fruit juice that follows the 80/20 rule.

    I don't have juice meals. I can't sit down and chug a pint of juice, I'll spend the next half hour trying not to throw up. Instead, I sip juice all day. When I'm thirsty or hungry, I drink some juice. When my stomach goes FEED ME NOW I drink some juice.

  • LiveTo120

    4 months ago

    Very helpful....thanks!

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