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Hello! Newbie here...

Reboot Newbies

Posted by RebootP1 on 4 months ago

Hello juicers and rebooters,

I registered on here about a month or so ago and I've been aware of Joe since I saw him featured in the documentary film Hungry For Change on Netflix. Since I was a young kid I've always been overweight and there's been moments that I've gone on a serious regiment and lost a ton of weight, exercised regularly, ate well etc. Unfortunately it just never continued and I've always gained it back so you can say it's very yo yo.

I finally saw Fat Sick and Nearly Dead and I must say I was pretty inspired and convinced I wanted to get into juicing and once and for all lose weight and keep it off and just live a healthier lifestyle. I ordered the Breville Juicer from Amazon and I've already used it a few times resulting in satisfaction and even more motivation to me that I can do it without it being just temporary for me.

So I know many or most actually do a 100% juice fast for several days but I don't think I'll be doing that for right now at least. My goal initially at least is to utilize the juicer and replace one to two meals a day and the one non-juice meal just eat very healthy and sensibly and of course workout at least 4-6 times a week. I take medicines right now that require me to eat with food otherwise my stomach feels all sorts of weird so that is why I'll skip the full reboot/fasting for now. My question to fellow juicers is how much juice do you drink or are supposed to drink in a meal? I believe all the recipes in Joes book shows as two servings including Joe's Mean Green which I usually get about 16 ounces. But if I'm going to replace a meal shouldn't I drink at least 16 ounces? Or do you folks make two or 3 different kinds of juices and separate them accordingly? I think that's the one thing I'm not quite sure on what to do.

In the first few experiences using the juicer I can honestly say the thing that is most important is the amount of prep time involved and the energy needed for that from cleaning the fruits and veggies, cutting etc. So with that I am planning to make juice every night or every other night to keep it fresh and also yet also keep the amount of juice making time and prep as efficient as possible. Another idea I have is I'll probably just go to the supermarket the day before, prep the veggies and fruits, put it in the fridge and make the juice the next evening when I come back from work. I'm still kind of thinking and evaluating this internally but I wanted to get any thoughts and pointers based on your experiences.

Just a little about me I'm 34 years old and weight about 270 pounds. My ultimate uber goal would be to get down to 180-190lbs but for the next 2-4 months I'd like to lose about 30-40lbs. Also I'm located in Texas so if there are any juice/reboot groups around the area/region just let me know as I'd love to interact and connect with folks near me in the state and/or region.

Sorry for the long post and looking forward to your responses and any kind of feedback!


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  • Globan316

    4 months ago

    Hi Raheem,

    I'm also new here - I too have been overweight since I was very very young; I don't know what it is to be 'healthy' to my own eye. And I too have been on health kicks that has included the gym and healthy eating, but have always at some point fallen off the wagon and taken two steps back.

    I've been doing a fully juice fast over the last few days - today is my day 6, but I've half decided to do two normal meat meals a week which will be tomorrow. As for juicing - the book states each juice should be around the 500-600ml mark, but there are 5 a day - 2 of which may as well be snacks so I guess if you're doing one meal maybe 1-2 juice perhaps, but the amount does depend on your juicer.

    Hope that helps :)


  • RebootP1

    4 months ago

    Thanks for your input Glo! So I have been doing about 500-600ml's usually per juice so it looks like I'm doing it right then. I don't really snack and especially since when I drink the juices for meals I feel really full that I don't feel the need to snack or drink more juice til the next major meal. I should probably make it a point to do so tho.

    So what I've been doing is juicing for breakfast and lunch and having 4-6 boiled egg whites (without yoke) with my breakfast juice. And for dinner just have a normal yet sensible healthy meal. I've only lost a few pounds but I do feel a lot better and I haven't gotten into the full regiment like I'm planning with the juicing and exercise.

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