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Heating Juice?

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Posted by RLP on 6 years ago I've already posted elsewhere about my horrendous day 2 and the fact that I would literally rather starve to death than allow any more veg juice to pass my lips. Today is a better today, I used a vegetable I don't mind the taste of (tomato) and sneaked a bit of lettuce in there too and then I decided to heat it so my mind thinks I'm just drinking plain old juice. Will heating the juice affect it in anyway?

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  • Stacy Kennedy

    6 years ago
    Hi RLP, glad today is a better day! Great job sneaking the lettuce into the tomato juice. We don't suggest heating juice because it can reduce some nutrient levels but here are 2 yummy broth recipes you can make using the juice pulp Also, if you do want to warm your juice a bit to reduce nutrients from degrading, place your glass in a bowl of warm water rather than nuking or heating juice on the stove. Here are a few more tips for helping juice taste better :)

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