healing from fibromyalgia


Posted by simcha on 5 months ago

I have completed about two weeks of juicing. My motivation is primarily to heal from fibromyalgia. I am currently experiencing what seems to be a flare up of symptoms. I am hoping that someone out there may be able to tell me about how long it takes before the symptoms subside? Thank you!

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  • LiveTo120

    4 months ago

    30 to 90 days is what I've heard depending upon how much damage there is and how much other damage there is in the body. What I've heard is that the nutrients will go to heal the thing the body needs them to heal first and then goes to heal the next thing but the body goes by it's divine priorities. Here's something new: There is a book called "Medical Medium" that suggests that fibromyalgia (and a number of other conditions allopathic medicine doesn't understand) are actually caused by the EB virus which the body CAN detox but which detoxes better using certain foods such as parsley and cilantro and which benefits from using binders such as spirulina. I hope I am remembering all of this correctly....you can read part of the book online at Amazon and see if you want to buy it. I did find references to EB virus throughout the book. Detoxing from the EB virus is how you get rid of the condition called fibromyalgia. The way I understand it, EB virus is proliferating in society due to pollution...it lives on pollutants and such chemicals as the stuff they put in antibiotics - so that's great - except these pollutants are in our body so now practically every one has EB virus in the body just waiting for a hefty supply of antibiotics and pollutants to accumulate in the body. Do check out "Medical Medium", though if you have fibromyalgia. I've knows two people who had it and it is a lifelong curse if you don't get rid of it. All my best!

  • lilichandra

    3 months ago

    I have fibromyalgia too (which presents mostly as chronique fatigue) , and on day 6 of a juice fast I am so tired I don't feel like doing anything. After a short walk with my dog (which is probably the only reason I am going out at all) I have no energy for the rest of the day. I was hoping that the extra fatigue was due to maybe my body being slow to switch to fat metabolism. While I don't wish fibro on anyone, it is good to know that someone else is experiencing the same problems. Thanks to LiveTo120 for the book suggestion.

  • FaeryBryn

    2 months ago

    I, too, suffer from fibro, and finished up a 28 day fast last week. I did notice my pain levels were down quite a bit, though my exhaustion levels felt like they kept dropping. I also have Hashimoto's, and was hoping to do a 60 day fast, but my body wasn't having it. It'd be great if someone else chimed in.

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