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Group Reboots

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Hello guys! I am new here. I remember meeting Joe Cross a few years ago when his book came out and right before the release of his second documentary. His journey has been very inspirational but I think what is amazing is how it inspire others. I also really enjoyed reading other people's stories on their reboot. 2016 has been a crappy year for me and lot of people. My mood has been horrible and I've put on a lot of weight due to some setbacks with my health. Most of my friends don't think I've gained a lot of weight from the way I look but the scale doesn't lie and neither does my declining health. I've been so exhausted since the beginning of 2017. I've never felt this tired or sluggish before and I will do anything to change this.

I am on day 4 of my juice fast. I've passed the hurdle of day 3, which was intense. Everyone I went, I saw food on logos, signs, and commercials. Brazilian Jiu Jitsu sign made me crave Brazilian food. Every commercial that is on around 7 pm will feature some kind of food. Even shopping for a new car made me crave sushi when I heard the car was made in Japan. It is a lot easier if I become a complete hermit for the next 60 days, which I might do. I need to lose weight to fix my chronic fatigue and thyroid issue. I look forward to staying active.

Here is my grocery shopping for the food I will need for one week. Yes, that is just a week's worth and that box has a lot of kale in it. So far the mean green has been delicious and I do about three bottles a day along with a ton of lemon water. I also want to say I am not new to juicing or liquid diets. I am familiar with a lot of dieting methods such as Master Cleanse, Paleo, Keto, Alli... yeah I've pretty much done them all. I think the best method is whatever you will stick to that best suits your lifestyle. I've had success with the reboot years ago and here goes the second time.

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