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Gilligan’s Island – (Ginger or Mary Ann)

Free for All

Posted by SluggoCRX on 5 years ago

Before juicing Ginger was that “Stuff” they put next to my wasabi when I’d go for sushi. I believe sushi places serve it so people can use it to clear their taste pallet in between changing entree dishes. Normally when I eat my sushi my Ginger remains untouched except on those rare occasions someone I’m with asks for more and I quickly throw mine to them, since mine’s going to waste anyway.

So then I start juicing earlier this year and a lot of the recipes call Ginger and like most I simply throw it in not thinking about it; it’s good for you so “Oh well” there it goes… Normally in my juices I cannot pick-out the Ginger but I can pull out most of the other veggies & fruits in my juice by mentally thinking “Oh the carrot’s strong in this” or “There’s the cucumber”.

So yesterday I’m making my Breakfast Smoothie I go to the table and get 2 apples, pull 3 carrots of the shelf in the fridge, I open the crisper drawer to get my Ginger (Oh no, she’s gone)… Oh well, I’ll just cover it up with my smoothie add-ins.So I pull out some Ice and throw it in the blender, pull out a frozen banana, a frozen mango and double down on pomegranates and throw in seeds from about half turn on the blender. As I pour my monster 32 ounce smoothie I mentally smile thinking about how awesome this will be (extra pomegranates, YES!).So before setting my cup down to start rinsing off the blender I take my 1st big gulp and I slowly swallow as my gulp changes from my normal smoothie orgasm to an analyzing check list of ingredients.I take another smaller gulp and analyze again, apple (check), carrot (check), banana (check), mango (check), and pomegranate (double check): OMG! I miss my Ginger!!

Now when asked Ginger or Mary Ann; I’ll answer Ginger!!

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Replies To Gilligan’s Island – (Ginger or Mary Ann)

  • Piwacket

    5 years ago

    The only ginger I knew was on top of cookies and came in a spice jar - there was a horse once I think her name was Ginger. Didn't know you could buy chunks of fresh ginger - who knew? Then along came a movie on my Kindle, couldn't sleep so watched Joe's journey. Experiment with Joe's Mean Green drink, off to Trader Joe's for Ginger and now it's a favorite ingredient in my drinks, gives them that added "kick" that some need. Mary Ann was cool but Ginger was the spice of the island.

  • LolaC

    8 months ago

    Very positive post. Thank you! :)

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