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Posted by DisneyPam on 9 months ago


I am new to this group and new to rebooting. We started making juice and supplementing our food just last Saturday. So far I have cut out meat, dairy and processed foods. Trying to ease into it: I've been doing 2-3 juices per day, one in the morning, one for an afternoon snack and one after dinner, with lunch and dinner containing either lentils or black beans and vegetables, with a small amount of apple-berry bake for a snack and a tbsp. of natural peanut butter (ground peanuts, no additives) if I was feeling a bit light headed. Today I had a juice for breakfast and lunch, with a bit of the apple-berry bake in the morning, but was feeling light headed by around 2. Had the peanut butter, but it didn't help so a ate the last little bit of the apple-berry bake. I have a juice waiting for me to drink within the next 30 minutes and will follow a light dinner of some beans and veggies with 1 more juice. Tomorrow I am planning to get up to 5 juices and add the 6th juice on Saturday. My husband is juicing too, but he really only needs to lose about 15-18 pounds. I need to lose 40-50. I'm looking forward to feeling good again instead of tired all of the time and hoping to continue to eat healthy after the juice fast is done. My husband and son have celiac disease, so we already avoid gluten, I am fortunate not to have to take any medicines and don't have any current health conditions, with the exception of migraines since I was about 7 or 8 years old. I want to get healthy so I can (hopefully) avoid having to take medications for my health.

So far, I really like the pear pie juice and the peachy green juice. We have experimented with a bunch of juice recipes and I have found I am not fond of beets, dandelion greens or celery. The tomato flavor (as a drink) is also not my favorite, but I can get through it.

Glad to be able to be a part of this community!

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  • DisneyPam

    9 months ago

    Officially down 5 1/2 pounds since a week ago Saturday. Feeling a lot less "brain fog" then I used to.

  • Jennifer Z

    9 months ago

    I’m starting my first 15 day guided reboot this Wednesday. excitedly nervous ????. Glad to hear you are finding juicing doable and finding success!

  • Soose

    9 months ago

    Hi, DisneyPam and JenniferZ. I said hi once before but think it got lost. Good luck on your reboots! How's it going?

    When I came in, I wandered around confused. So I try to tell people where the activity is. You are both welcome to join us on one of the ongoing groups that stay active. You don't have to be in sync with anyone else's reboot. Newbies and veterans. Try Juicing Challenge for Beginners or Happy Juicing right now. There are other active groups but I think people are on vacation or taking a break. There are also some groups for going whole foods plant based or Vegan after the reboot when you need them.

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