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Getting Ready to Transition - I'm scared!

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Posted by Apple-A-Day on 6 years ago I'm afraid. I am wondering (scared to death) about transitioning out of juicing. I have been on juice only since Dec 31, have lost 52 pounds and am ready to begin food at the beginning of March. I am petrified that I will not continue to lose, but will put it all back on. I have been reading about the different plant-based eating and there is a real difference in plans. Oil or no oil. That?s a big one. Also, starches or no starches is another (I've been trained NOT to eat rice and white potatoes). McDougall/Novick/ Esselstyne all say a big "yes" to rice, etc and a BIG "no" oil (very few nuts, seeds, and avocado) and others say all plant based foods are good. Help! Starch? Oil? Not sure how to go. I?M SCARED! I don't want to gain it back!

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  • Claire Georgiou - ND

    6 years ago
    Hi bmccarty, We certainly recommend good fats as they are vital for good health - http:/ / Starches in moderation with plenty of greens and coloured vegetables. You can have small amounts of brown rice and I do not suggest white potatoes. Here is more on how to go back to eating after you have finished your reboot! Congratulations on your excellent achievement and weight loss that is excellent work :) :) Keep up your wonderful work and keep up the juices :)

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