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Getting my life back

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Posted by yukon_wn on 2 years ago


Everyone wants to start out the New Year slimmer and be in better shape.

I started out 2016 being in very bad shape. My extra weight gain over the holidays was causing my back to hurt really bad when I walked.

The walk from the parking structure at work into the building was pure dread.

The distance was 800 feet from my car to my desk. In agony, I was able to make it half way and then I looked for an excuse to sit down. I found a chair, sat down, took out my cell phone and I pretended that I was reading some texts. When I was done with this ruse, I continued my walk to my desk. Again in agony.

For the pain, I took aspirin but it didn't really phase it. Although, without it, I can’t even imagine.

In mid-January, I went on yet another diet and I did drop a little weight that alleviated some of the back pain but not all of it.

Slowly over the remainder of this year, anything that I had lost was just a memory.

If my walk from the parking structure to my desk was painful enough, there were a couple of times that the parking structure was full and I had to park a half mile away. No places to sit down. Just walk slowly in utter pain. When I finally reached my work building and saw the first chair - Yes - time to read text messages.

Can you image, every time that an event would come up, you would think to yourself – How far of a walk is it or how long do you need to be on my feet ?

For me, a trip to the grocery store – grab a cart to lesson my back pain. A weekend in Chicago, use more cabs. An event where I would have to be on my feet all day, not going to happen. Just make an excuse to bow out of it.

In the spring, I coached soccer. Every practice, every game for that hour was painful.

When spring soccer was over in June, I vowed that before fall soccer, I would do a reboot, lose the weight and my back pain would be gone. Good plan ? Sure, if I actually followed through with it.

June passed, July passed. In august, I really wanted to do the reboot. Unfortunately, want doesn’t equal ‘do’.

So again, I started the fall soccer season with three painful practices and a game.

Now, after all this time, I guess that I finally had enough of being stupid and what being stupid was doing to myself and others. During this time, it has been hard to really play with my kids outside and that is no fair to them.

Or to help a neighbor do some yard work.

A week and a half ago, I stopped the overeating and enjoying some beer at night.

A week ago, I started my reboot. This first week has been good. No food desires and only once did I want a beer at night.

Today, a week after starting my reboot, was my team’s second soccer game. Yes, I did have some aspirin, although for the first time in over 14 months, I walked over 100 yards from the parking lot to the soccer field without any back pain. I was on my feet for over 80 mins. During this time, the back pain was very minimal. For the entire match, I never thought about sitting down. Before, the thought of when I would be able to sit down was a constant.

After the game, I walked back to my vehicle and sat down. This time, there was no relief when I sat down.

Why ? Because I wasn’t it pain.

I have done the reboot before, I know its power. Yes, it is a miracle as long as you stick to the plan.

I realize that I have just started and I have a long way to go in my journey to a healthier me.

I just wait for the day were I can barely remember that just walking caused my back to hurt so bad.

For, now I will work on “Getting my life back”.

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  • Lucy

    2 years ago

    Well done! Are you still fasting? How's it going? I'm hopefully starting mine this coming weekend so I'm quite excited about how things are going to change. Hopefully for the better! I am determined!!

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