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Real Change

Posted by kayaker99 on 1 year ago

Well....I have been vegetarian since 12 (now 47). Have been 100% vegan since first watching the film 'Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead' about a month ago and feeling totally re-energised about plant-based protein and the benefits of juicing. I have lost four kilos and people are starting to notice.

Although I have nephrotic syndrome (currently in remission) I have way more energy than usual. Today I jogged 6kms at 6am and another 6kms at 8pm.....trying to avoid the 30 degree summer daily temperatures. I'm training for the Everest Base Camp trek in July-August.

I am a New Zealander living and working in Hong Kong as an English teacher. I now have FOUR local HK colleagues at my school juicing for health purposes. Another English teacher buddy from Canada is now juicing after he was rushed to hospital 12 days ago with a badly infected finger and subsequently diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes. His sugar level was 25...! On the verge of possible coma and death. Today he watched 'Fat Sick and Nearly Dead', 'What the Health' and "Forks over Knives' on my recommendation and is now inspired to go vegan and start juicing for health....and exercising...! He and yet ANOTHER English teacher buddy of mine from Australia are going with me to buy juicers and drink bottles from a local mall tomorrow after work.

I have everyone I talk to watching 'Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead' and hopefully also checking out the Rebootwithjoe website. I have also found the sparkpeople app quite useful for meal ideas - selecting the vegan options.

This is so cool.

Co-incidentally, one of the colleagues from my school who is juicing - her mum was also recently diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes and also nearly lost a finger to a serious infection. So scary. Her mum is now also going to start juicing. So wonderful...!!!

Now I just need to get my school canteen to stop serving processed junk!

I hope to attend a future Reboot Retreat...if there is one coming up that fits into one of my school holiday schedules. Anyway...I wish everyone lots of luck and keep up the hard work.'s not really such hard work. I make up one huge batch of juice which I can get to last 3 or 4 days to save time. It takes about an hour to do. Plus I no longer have hunger cravings mid afternoon or at the end of the school day. My evening meals are now small and light snacks rather than big, dense meals.

Thank you for the inspiration!!!

I feel like I am out of a rut and glad to be helping others around me. XXX

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