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Food Pangs & Too Much Juice?

Reboot Newbies

Posted by m1tut02 on 9 months ago

Good morning all,

So I just started a 15 day reboot and after a successful week 1 easing into the reboot. I immediately noticed that on day 1, the sheer amount of juice was overwhelming! so I did half and did pretty well.
Now I'm on Day 2 and have hunger pangs and I want to eat something solid. I had water and hot lemon herbal tea (caffeine free) and broke down not long afterwards and ate a few pieces of melon and some nuts. sad face. A minor speed bump, but I am positive i'll do better tomorrow.

I do pretty well in the afternoons resisting the urge to eat something solid but I really struggle in the morning as I'm famished. Any suggestions to help with my AM hunger pangs?

Many thanks and Juice on!



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  • Soose

    9 months ago

    Morning, Mo (m1tut02) and welcome! WTG on your week transitioning!

    Can I suggest you come join us over on some of the active groups? I just posted this to another new member...


    " I suggest you come join and hang out awhile over on Happy Juicing and ask the same question; most of the veterans are hanging out there right now; sometimes people take a break then come back to another juice fast but some of us hang out all the time. There's also JUICING CHALLENGE FOR BEGINNERS if you're a beginner at juicing and the Sunshine Clubbe (which seems quieter just now but is a good longterm group)."

    and... about HUNGER PANGS:

    "This summer on one of the groups, we were talking about a technique that might help you get thru the rough patches without caving in. This has helped me sometimes. (Well, it's helped every time I've tried it.) You bloat the stomach with a carbonated drink. To make it healthy, I buy just seltzer (soda) water which is just carbonated water. And I juice ginger root and berries into it, and add stevia. My own homemade gingerale. You might try it if you keep running into trouble. For me, it's also a way to get more ginger root in, good stuff for inflammation and circulation I think. (I don't care for it so much in my juices.)"

    You do need to make sure you're drinking water in addition to juice. Have you seen the pdf's with the reboot plans? There may be other hints in there for you if you have not rebooted before. The download is broken for some of us but someone here shared them with me and if you can't get to them, send me a private message with a gmail or hotmail or whatever and I will forward the 15 day and the 3 day plans which have a lot of other good hints in them.

    HTH, Soose

  • Zootal

    7 months ago

    Have we lost our site admin completely? This place is being ruined and over run by spam, does no one care?

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