Food on night of Day 6


Posted by nickandkatie on 1 year ago

So everything was going fine I was even feeling great after 6 days... I started this juice cleanse groggy bloated and tired a lot of the time. During the juice cleanse my entire digestive system felt like it was rebooting starting about day 4-5 I had lost 6 pounds feeling more awake and alive and clean lol.

By day six I was doing good. And I decided to have a pomegranate, snap peas, cheese and crackers, some honey (wtf), a cheese and veggie sandwich with mayo, and then buttered and salted popcorn. So lol I started out well meaning but slowly became a bit unreasonable in my food choices. Anyways I'm not giving up it just happened things happen I'm moving on.

So the whole night last night I was up with stomach pains obviously lol. Trying to digest the food I piled into my system.

Anyways I weigh myself in the morning and I am 157.4lbs whereas the day before eating I weighed 157.6lbs. I weighed myself about 6-7 times to make sure it was right and still apparently lost .2lbs. Maybe scale is off or I was losing water weight and replacing it with food weight. I have no idea ?

Anyways this was kinda of cathartic just telling everyone lol I know I can keep going I just wonder if my scale is screwy or maybe I expelled water weight who knows. Going for 3 more days even thought it's an interrupted juice cleanse gonna finish how I can lol.

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  • Ryan

    1 year ago

    You know what, I had a similar experience - I'm on day 6, foolishly didn't pack enough juice for the day, got RAVENOUSLY hungry and said "f it, I gotta eat" and got a burger and fries. It's amazing how we can justify things when the willpower gets weak due to poor planning!

    Not sure if I'll get stomach pains or not, but my heart is pounding pretty hard. I had water to drink, but my blood pressure probably jumped.

    Anyhow, I consider this a "stumble" rather than a "fall" and I will keep going - the goal is progress and not perfection.

  • DanielleFromHolland

    1 year ago

    It happens.. we're not perfect and slip up every now and then.. i did on day 2 but it should motivate you to continue juicing tomorrow! and im sure the stomach pains are motivation enough! Good luck

  • JohnC

    9 months ago

    I went off the juice on day 8. Then started again a week later. Day 1 and 2 were much worse the second time around. I am staying on this juice as long as possible because i do not want to go through that again!!

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