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Fitting all the veggies in the Fridge

Group Reboots

Posted by Coconut Rush on 3 years ago

I just want to share, it might help somebody out there. I did and experiment this week leaving a lot of the stuff for my juices out in baskets because my family complains that they cant find anything in the fridge because its all "veggies everywhere". So I left out the cucumbers, carrots, apples and ginger, and the kale and the celery I put in new dollar tree buckets with their bottoms in 2 inches of water.

Results: the cucumbers, apples and celery do perfectly out of the fridge.

the Kale and carrots did not. Kale leaves started getting dry and yellow by the 3rd day and the carrots got soft like bendable rubber.

But now at least when I do my shopping for one week, it helps a bunch to have cucumbers, apples and celery out and my family is way happier :)

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