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First time, started today...

Reboot Newbies

Posted by Ellekay on 11 months ago

Hey everyone!

I’m starting today with a 15 day classic reboot, want to eventually reach 60 days but figured I should start small as to not get overwhelmed. I’m already having insane cravings and hunger pains, drinking as much water as I can, i’m so worried I’m gonna give in to temptation. Any tips or tricks for beginners? Did you feel detox symptoms the first day like I am?

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  • Soose

    11 months ago

    Hi, Ellekay, welcome. Congrats on starting your reboot! Good things are in store! Don't stop until your miracle happens. Hang in there! You can do it!

    In answer to your question, yes, I go quite insane with cravings, stomach cramps, and hunger pains very quickly when I start juice only, even if I've spent time transitioning so that my food intake is very clean leading up to juice only. :/ I can get quite crazy with food thoughts, drooling (mentally that is, lol) and cravings.

    One thing that has helped me is someone here on the reboot groups said when you think you are hungry or sick like that, drink more juice the first few days. So I pretty much do unlimited juice to make it thru.

    Another thing is to make hot soup broth, clear. That seems to really help me when I feel sick.

    Also, come stay on the reboot groups and talk to people -- it provides lots of good info and also a distraction. Immerse yourself in the reboot and juice!

    We were just talking about tips like this on one of these reboot groups below so please come join us and read some of the group wall posts. ( Most of us post on the group wall -- don't send message to the entire group.)

    You don't have to be in sync with anyone else's reboot, so come join us... (Tthese aren't active links so if you need help finding them, send me a private message. I have been inviting people over since it was hard for me to find groups and where to post. I just finally snapped a photo of the screen showing groups. Many people won't see you over here. HTH. )

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    6 months ago

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