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Fighting through the cravings

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Posted by Molly on 2 years ago

Sugar and sweets have always been my greatest weakness. I can remember going to the grocery store at 11 pm and spending my last $20 on cookies, ice cream, brownies, candy, soda and eating it all within a hour of getting home. Since first watching Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead almost 2 years ago, this is now my 3nd reboot that I've done. Surprisingly this seems to be the hardest reboot I've done in terms of cravings. I quit smoking several months ago and I'm finding myself having the same type of withdrawal symptoms. First they start with a thought, like a itch in the back of my mind, I begin to think of a sweet or fast food I enjoy. Then I start becoming tense and and ache starts in my hands and works its way up my arms, and I have found myself fidgeting more and more. I've been trying to use the same tactics I've used on my last 2 reboots of delaying and reminding myself to just get through the next 5 minutes or distract myself by changing spots, going for a walk ect, but I've found it increasily difficult to do so this time. Does anyone have any advice on how to combat these cravyings?

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  • Tabbycat

    2 years ago

    Well, good golly, Miss Molly, juice is sweet!!! :-D Just sayin' ;-)

    Some ideas from the Tabbycat:

    1. I find that all my sweet cravings are satisfied by sweet juice. I can't stick to juice only reboots because I have crazy savoury cravings - and salad juice is just gross! Just go with a sweet fruit-heavy juice and see how you feel

    2. Brush your teeth as soon as the craving hits. Use HEAPS of toothpaste and maybe also follow up with some extra minty gum. I find that really helps because anything you eat after that will taste disgusting!

    3. Find and download a super addictive game or app onto your phone or tablet and go play!

    4. Write a list of things you can do when the cravings strike, and keep it handy where you will see it - fridge door maybe?

    5. If you're craving chocolate, you may be lacking in magnesium, so find out what fruits and veg are high in magnesium and go juice!

    6. I find that preparation is key. Uh, you don't actually keep crappy food in your house, yeah? If I already have some juice made up in the fridge, or a bowl of steamed veg, then I'll just reach for that out of laziness, rather than going down the street for evil stuff. Be prepared and ALWAYS have ready-to-eat-or-drink reboot options at your fingertips.

    7. Have you tried journalling? Buy a pretty notebook, and when a craving hits, journal it out and try to discover what it is that you're REALLY (emotionally) hungry for, because it's likely NOT the sweets!

    8. Sex and masturbation are GREAT distractions! ;-)

    9. Watch a food doco or some personal development thing. I watch Tony Robbins on Netflix whenever I start to lose sight of the prize. Remind yourself WHY you're doing this! KEEP YOUR EYES ON THE PRIZE!!

    Yeah, that's all I got for now. Good luck..let us know how you go!

  • SDhandler

    2 years ago

    #9. #3. I am on day two. I am running two addictive cell games, and Watching Netflix shows on anything related to how the government is paid off by crooks bent on poisoning us. Then a long shower. Finally the urges left and was able to get back to this site to browse more information. This is a process, a Journey. Of course there will be hard times. I can stop at anytime. No one is making me do this. Why do I? Because the guilt/shame and hopelessness is gone. Cravings is alot easier to deal with than the ritual of eating toxic foods and knowing I am killing myself. As long as I remember that simple idea, cravings will pass as my belly shrinks. I hope some of that helps with your cravings. Writing helps mine!

  • Charron

    2 years ago

    Congrats on your two successful reboots! And I totally hear you re: the cravings. I love the advice you've given, TabbyCat... I won't admit which bit of advice is most appealing ;)

    I'm only on day 3 of my first reboot but I have no lack of temptation. I own a convenience store; its attached to the front of my home. I wouldn't even have to go outside to find any manner of junk food lol To boot, we have a near-famous ice cream counter... 24 flavours at my fingertips, day and night, with no wrappers to give me away if I cheat. Oh, and I still have to cook for my hubby and two young kids. Caught myself more than once licking my fingers or raising a spoon to 'taste test'. Heck, even touching food to my lip to see that its cool enough for the baby to eat, cheating! lol

    I'm counting myself lucky so far. My craving for food is outweighed by the sight of my family. I am an old mother with young babies, far too old to be this unhealthy. Plus, my husband deserves better. At the root of it I'm doing this for myself first, but they run a close second.

    I suppose I mean that little distraction tactics are excellent for boosting willpower but having a specific big-picture reason in mind helps a lot too.

  • ReeVee

    2 years ago

    I read in the book 'The Power of Habit' that when you identify your trigger points that cause the craving, in order to break the old habit and form a new one, you need to trick your mind at first with small little acts that change the pattern. That is, replace the old action with a new one instead of just not doing the old action and creating a void. Fill that void. For example, my trigger for cravings is TV watching when i'm unwinding after work. So now, I don't watch TV after work. I keep my sports shoes in the car and as soon as i reach my building, I don't go home, but I change my shoes and go for a walk first. This i do to break the old 'itch' of switching on Netflix as soon as i park my butt on my bed. Now, Netflix is my reward for getting some activity and not an excuse to be inactive.

  • SDhandler

    2 years ago

    I think your on to something ReeVee!

  • Or Maman

    2 years ago

    Being aware is a great first step. Try cleaning your teeth when cravings hit too.

  • Finlee

    2 years ago

    i actually have this way of doing an accupuncture on myself, opening up the meridian points i think im going to do that daily and get out for that l0ng invigerating walk! at least til the weather holds

  • enjoy

    2 years ago

    im bad with cravings specially on my dreaded 7th day that was the worst beacuse the day before that was mothers day and my family dine out alot of food and i was being teased to try the food what i did was i re watch fat sick and nearly dead and i was reminded of my goal. good luck :)

  • bettye198

    2 years ago

    Just throw a few melon slices or apple or cherries into your juicing to give yourself some sweet. Pull up the affirmations on Pinterest and post them around the house. I transitioned from sugar a long while ago to coconut palm sugar which actually regulates blood sugar. It is the nectar of the fruit of the coconut. Amazing. Tastes like brown sugar. Look forward to that transition later down the line. To inspire yourself, you must be disgusted with the tried and true, and living in some kind of fear of losing your health completely. I guess that sounds harsh but it is the truth.

  • adolfalexander

    2 years ago

    i really have along these lines of doing an accupuncture on myself, opening up the meridian focuses i think im going to do that every day and get out for that l0ng invigerating walk! in any event til the weather holds. Visit Do my Dissertation

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