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Feeling Lost

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Posted by Kimberley1977 on 1 year ago

I am feeling lost. I have hit rock bottom and need help.

I joined the reboot 2 years ago and only lasted a week at best. Many reasons I didn't continue but I guess the biggest one was because I was lazy. It was a lot of work shopping for the ingredients, juicing, clean up etc.

Because of my complete lack of will power, determination and laziness I have got to where I am today.

I woke up crying and what feels like the end of my rope. Something has to change because as they say "I'm sick of feeling sick and tired"

I have had a headache for 3 days, the heaviest I am have ever been (including when I was pregnant), always tired and depressed. I can not continue living like this for myself and for my family.

Today is the day that all that changes. I feel alone in this journey but hope to find support here. I need some sort of accountability.

Anyone want to join me and be each others support?

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  • Big Will

    1 year ago

    You can do it! Habits take time to form and when you start to see results, which will be right away in my exp., you’ll be even more motivated to carry on. I never thought I could do more than a few days but I thought wrong! My willpower isn’t that strong either but I do like things that work, and this does!

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