Fatty Liver Help


Posted by Erika D on 5 years ago

Just got the devastating news that I have a fatty liver. All in all, my health could be worse given that I weigh close to 300 lbs, but it's still hard to swallow. Does anyone have a fatty liver or started with a fatty liver and was able to reverse it? I know juicing will help, but has anyone seen results?

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  • Apple-A-Day

    5 years ago

    Hi Erika,

    I am not a doctor, so this should not be considered "medical advice"- there are studies that show cutting out "bad" carbs, improving your diet with fruits and veggies, and lowering your body weight can improve the status of a fatty liver. The Mayo clinic and other reputable sites have good information on this. Again, I am not a doctor, and your doctor would be the best place to get accurate information.

    The nutritionists on this site may have good information for you, as well.

    Meanwhile, you are in a good place for support, encouragement, and a community to take this journey to health with you! I'm looking forward to updates on how you are doing.



  • francie75

    5 years ago

    I found out I had a fatty liver in 2008 and did a lot of research on it at the time. Go to www.liverdoctor.com and there is a lot of information. I have her liver cleanse book as well. I did a liver cleanse diet soon after I found out and lost about 40 lbs and my chlorestoral came down under 200. My life circumstances changes as I moved out because of my X's affair and things got really hard and I just could not focus right as far as eating. A great juice for the liver is 1/2 beet and 2 apples. Carrots are good for the liver as well and there is a carrot salad you eat for 7 days to help cleanse the liver as well. It is all in what we eat and how we take care of ourselves.

  • Erika D

    5 years ago

    thanks for the info ladies! I've done some research, but need to do some more. Started juicing right away after finding out about my FL, and plan on doing a juice fast next month. Fruit and Veg- do your work!! :)

  • lupina

    5 years ago

    There's numerous studies that industrial fructose (like high fructose corn syrup in sodas and such) is the main culprit causing fatty liver. I managed to normalize my liver values by cutting almost all sugar and some fruits (the most sugary ones like grapes and banana) out of my diet. Apples, lemons, cranberries and beets are liver's best friends :)

  • MyInnerAdult

    3 years ago

    Hi Lupina, I agree. I read a few research papers that looked into this. One pointed out that the liver only processes about 20% of sugar normally but it processes 80% of High fructose corn syrup, which creates a huge burden for the liver. Livers seem to not like being burdened at all. So, when the experts argue about sugar being sugar -they are technically correct but they never talk about the liver being over burdened by high fructose corn syrup.

  • blueswoman

    5 years ago

    Losing weight, cutting back on high fat food, reducing or avoiding alcohol and exercise are the best ways of getting the liver back to normal.

  • Future

    5 years ago

    I was diagnosed with a Fatty liver last november while I was 263lbs and drinking regularly. It was the by product of my size, meat centric diet, and heavy drinking. I gave up alcohol, meat, dairy, processed foods, and most bread/grains and started a program called Eat to Live, by Dr. Joel Furhman (Joe's Doctor from the movie).

    Six months later, I'm down 80lbs, my liver function is 100% normal and all signs of fatty liver are completely gone. I recently had a few drinks, and I experienced no return of pain from that, so I do believe that I was healed entirely.

    I've been Vegan / Juicing since November and hope to lose 20 more pounds to get into shape for a half marathon. You can be healthy too, just dedicate yourself to making yourself healthy and the weight loss will follow. A good Reboot is the right place to start!

  • Baysidebob

    5 years ago

    My 40-year-old son was diagnosed with that. He went vegan and everything was "normal" within a year.

  • pantha9

    5 years ago

    I was going to go vegan after my reboot, of 20 days as wanted to previously but now I ate some cream on strawberries hahahah a mate gave it to me, come on how could I resist.... but yes I am vegetarian so yes eating lots of diary is naughty , so should try harder, it is just a habit what we eat so yes being healthy gets to be a good habit... good luck

  • kzsmith

    5 years ago

    Hi Erika, I too am hoping to use this to heal my liver. Was having serious pain on my right side for the past year or two. Dr took my gall bladder out last summer, though I didn't think that was the cause, but willing to try anything. Pain persisted, finally got on a liver detox, lots of lemons and beets, my liver is shrinking, no longer pressing against my lower rib. Good luck, hope we both stick with the reboot. I see this as a life change for me.


    3 years ago

    Hi KZ! I hope this comment finds you and your liver well and healthy and that you were able to stick with the reboot. I likewise have a fatty liver and it is only getting worse with alcohol. I'm watching Sick Fat and Nearly Dead 2 right now and learned of the on-line community. Your comment to Erika a year ago really caught my attention as my liver and kidneys are so inflamed and feel like they are pressing against all my other organs. You have given me much hope saying your liver was shrinking. I am preparing myself for a reboot starting Feb 1st by cutting down and eventually stopping the nightly bottle of wine, or two, along with researching juice recipes that I will use during my reboot, making sure to include lemons and beets.

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