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Emulsifiers Versus Juicers ???

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Posted by Chris on 2 years ago

So I am new to the whole juicing world.. .

What is the difference between a emulsifier and a juicer, I know emulsifiers use all the ingredients skins,pulp and all vs. a juicer that separates all of that for you, and can be a process to clean up and use the pulp later on for salads,cooking etc.

My question is, are we loosing out on nutrients by juicing by not directly and immediately consuming the entire plant & or vegetables? Which is more beneficial to our health ? a Juicer or Emulsifier , what are the benefits / drawbacks of each ?

I ask only because I intend on getting a higher end juicer at some point and was curious if it will benefit me in any way versus continuing with the emulsifier Ninja Auto IQ , if not money saved..

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  • [...]

    2 years ago

    I honesty do not know but I can say I juice, I think the emulsifier is more like a juice press and adds less oxidation so that you can store your juice longer. I always drink mine right away so I am ok. With my juicer which is like a spining metal wheel you must consume with in 15 munites or less the juice.

    Yes the higher end is pricy, I want this one in the future. A girl in our group recommened Norwalk Juicer This guy is an expert- But you have other good ones...

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  • Zootal

    2 years ago

    An emulsifier is just a fancy name for a blender, usually one designed to finely grind whatever you put in it. You get the whole fruit or vegetable. It basically makes smoothies without removing any of the fiber.

    A juicer extracts most of the juice, leaving behind non-soluble fiber and most of the nutrients.

    I can make an argument for the smoothy having a lower nutrient density because less produce is used, where the juicer gives a higher nutrient dense juice because we use more produce, but I don't really know for sure and I'm pretty sure the difference is not significant. It's all a question of do you want juice or smoothies? Fiber or no fiber?

    You can also add soft mushy stuff that does not juice well, like bananas and avocados, so there is some advantage to the blender. On the other hand, you don't really want to blend a dozen leaves of kale, I can't imagine how horrid it would be. The two methods require very different recipes!

    All of the juice plans here require juicers, you cannot take those recipes and run them through a blender, some of the results would be truly horrid!

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