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Does stopping and starting effect the reboot

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Posted by WattReboot on 10 months ago

I am three days in to my first reboot and tomorrow is a big work party and lunch for our christmas get together.

my question is, would breaking my fast for 1 meal and then straight back on it, effect much?

or is it most beneficial to do a fast completely perfect from start to finish?


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  • Soose

    10 months ago

    Do you think you can restart?

    I had 5 days of a fast down once, and went along to a restaurant with my family. Only drank a bit of plain onion broth. It started all the hunger up and I went home and broke the fast. Years til I managed to get started again that time. :(

  • WattReboot

    10 months ago

    yes i think i could for sure

  • Peter

    10 months ago

    When I was on a fast broke it for 1 meal and went back on it I had to go through a slightly weaker detox period all over again.

    If you can avoid eating there I would really advise on it, but if you do decide to eat there don't be too harsh on yourself. celebrate going through a 3 day reboot and consider what you want to do after it.

  • Zootal

    10 months ago

    A couple of thoughts:

    1) Eating a big meal after a few days or more of fasting can make you sick, and is not good for you. The longer you have been fasting, the worse it is. Even after 3 days, you might find yourself worshiping the porcelain goddess for a while.

    2) All of those calories you eat will have to be burned before you get back to where you were, and that might take a day or two.

    3) Revving up the digestive system like and then turning it off again can cause brutal hunger.

    All in all it's not a good idea. My first point is the biggest concern, it's not good for you to fast and then eat a lot like that. It can make you quite sick.

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